Monday, 19 May 2014

short thought on... Meant to be mission...

Nature has it's connections 
universal laws works without wires. 

I can summon someone via phone, 
but they may not get the call, 
but the sun will make that connection 
"HEY LOOK"... I saw you in the physical, 
Her young'star was the soul connector for 
a moment it felt unreal, 
saying that the intention was 
pure and meant to be, 
which made the manifestation more powerful

Kindred's cross road.

The reason for seeing my kindred,
was I saw a local singer,
me and him bump on and off
in the local streets,
we talk about our creative progression,
but this day he showed me how he rocks beats;

After hearing him express,
inevitable soon to collaborate over music,
my man is just as experimental as me.

Certain paths need to be laid, 
creativity is the cement, 
walking on tracks...   
building together. 

Before I saw the local singer, 
I was with my brother 
and our stars were shining together, 
you never know who you gonna see, 
but in that same sunny spot, 
my trinity felt a temporal feeling 
of bad weather;   

an old grudge...  
but she got new days to come, 
"If that person wants to hate 
let her hate, but don't let her stop your fun. 

Past peers... 
don't show bother to present enemies,  
future friends will blossom. 

Before the old grudge,
my brother rang and 
said "WOS UP"
do you wanna come out today 
meet me in that park,
I was feeling sick and lazy, so said, 
"What the one thats local"
he was like 
"allow them ones, they're just to small"

My brother "GLITCH" was the editor 
behind this connective script, 
I never read it until I plugged back 
in the MATRIX and like NEO was able to read it.  

This thought starts from the beginning,

when I met my kindred,
through out the weeks we were meant to link,
opportunities were missed;

But now it all seems to be clear,
the thought intended hidden within
the back of my mind came to fruition, 
and yes... MANIFESTATION did appear.  

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