Sunday, 15 June 2014

New Word Order (N.W.O)

New World Orders;
chicken-less burgers, 
we are the pecking order, 
no higher than pigeons,  
nor lower than rats. 

stands for
New World Obtuse
New World Orders;
over the internet
& a no famine fix, 
western slobs
eastern crops. 

stands for 
New World Obesity 

New World Orders;
war in countries 
who live by peace
just so they can 
take a piece.  

stands for 
New World Obliteration

New World Orders;
a eugenics plan
to save parent hood
knowing it is no longer 
"a country for old men"
the young are fresh blood, 
child protection seeking new samples. 

stands for 
        "New World... Oldies" 

New World Orders;
job cuts, 
stock market falls, 
as do people from buildings, 
new recruits... old walls.... 

stands for 
New World Occupations 

New World Orders
pre meditated propaganda,
stage setting, 
script writing,
directing us into war, 
so we do all their fighting, 
cigar smoking, 
watching live clips 
from young soldiers guns
whilst counting their profits and funds.

stands for 
New World Organisers 

New World Orders;
new protection laws, 
also recycled technology...
retina scan Go- (ggle) -(ogle)
GPS and by what you watch on T.V.  

stands for 
New World Observers

New World Orders;
demonic spirits 
and symbols as they 
order us to practice false 
teachings, they study and 
read how to summon higher 
beings through daily rituals.  

stands for 
New World Occult 

New World Orders;
conspiracy theories 
to dumb down those 
who don't want to be free
but those want to rise up 
and free you with the truth
look like their crazy.   

stands for 
New World Oppression

New  World Orders;

New word order;
we need to start speaking, 
not listening and believing, 
not fight each other for a piece of air,  
but let our enemies know 
we are breathing 
and although they wrote the future 
we as people know history 
should not be repeating, 
if we can't see a better world for us 
then at least make one for our children, 
and although most may be blind, 
let us not hinder our children's visions.     

(LE hOrNet scrAMBlEd ThOughts)

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