Saturday, 19 July 2014

Log From My Compounds...

We all have purpose, 
why do we choose 
to live worthless?

Conversations are limited, 
speaking the wrongs of the world
with no efforts to make it right, 
in the silence people hate to hear 
the voice of their own head, 
so they scream about bleak 
things, expensive shirt, wife and mistress
anything with pride anything that sustains 
his erection, I wander if he cares 
"He is impotent in the eyes of his maker"  

Women seeks companionship 
with un tamed beasts,
going through empty fucks 
just to fill there closet space, 
Lonely house wives gets paid 
with gifts from husband, 
working off his back, 
for the last hours she was lying on hers.  

Babies are born blind, 
a few would say 
"they may as well stay that way 
whats there to really see"

Teenagers are cattle 
for older mens plans,
flying over seas 
driving across desert sands, 
not knowing they are causing 
massacre in holy lands, 
I say to thee... 
"The devil invites you with open hands"  

Most are slaves to our western masters, 
limiting our views with their news, 
as long as we're O.K we smile another day... 
but one day... one day we will pay; 

Ignorance has value in society, 
seems the more stupid we are
the more credit we get, 
smart minds are left to discuss, 
I would have thought being smart in 
the western world was a plus, 
as the middle east minus in citizens; 

War is now a show, 
people on this side of the world 
watch it as they pretend to be thankful 
for their life, 
whilst temporarily mourning death,
playing deaf to the idealist 
at the same time hearing propaganda, 
it seems media has the power to plug the 
ears of those whose ears are open to them.   

The so called privilege 
do nothing when others are pillaged, 
proceeds go to some two minute charity ad, 
one by one their souls will be 
hand picked, grind and then smoked, 
the devil getting high off their ashes for 
leaving most of earth in dust. 

Society Squanders in S.T.D's, 
Pointless nights out, 
lead to quick mating 
with long term effects, 
4 minuets.... if they only knew 
in 4 months they will be in radio therapy
and in the next 4 years spread it to 40 other people. 
"let the lust vermin mingle... 
I guess that's one price you pay to stay single"      

Health plans for the overweight
as if they hadn't had enough already, 
liposuction, so big boy can eat more,
whilst third world countries are having 
famine war...  

It's clear that grey suits 
only see black and white
as they miss natures beautiful 
colours, sipping their coffee 
eyes glued to a crystal screen; 

Successful slaves,
throwing away their gifts 
so they can get a taste of 
today, not knowing tomorrow
is gonna be the same until the
end of their time and at his wake 
all I can say is 
"What a waste of talent" 

A place of burning desire 
laughing ourselves to hell...
the meek will look down from heaven 
as a chosen few are not intended for the fire, 
as they simultaneously 
live out their personal and collected utopia.     

"Bitter words tend to taste sweet 
to the critic, my tongue is made of lemons 
and in my words will find.... He is also sour" 

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  1. Shiv ProphyleJuly 19, 2014

    This is so real my brother. Everyone needs to hear this. Spiritually we are 1 out of a hundred if that. This poem hits real aspects of this real dream that we're living in. Peace always my brother