Saturday, 12 July 2014

Poetic Reflection...

 Am I part of this age?
Every time I hit a new level,
God disappears and the devil
takes the stage.

I look for appreciation,
They boo my reality...
applause exaggeration.

I submit myself at the fullest
I hate coming half empty,
you asked for an extra pint
but you cannot stomach G.

I refuse to sit and sleep 
but flow with the current,
I live some days wavey
so I feel no disturbance.

I aim to target the youth,
that's why I be shooting truth,
I ricochet my honesty, so I know
I am hitting more than two.

I speak because I have a voice, 
so I let it be known, 
I am in no position to judge, 
so will never throw the first stone; 

Because I am not without sin, 
I repent a million times lord, 
just give me that one win. 

I want to spark a new 
wave of thinking, 
my boat will float your thoughts, 
get on board or just get left sinking.

I wonder first 
then I act in a second
my degree will get you a third
I am forth coming with my word.

I don't engage in debate, 
I intend to marry what I create, 
take a divorce from doubt 
and make love with a new day.  

I am a man with the potential, 
a woman may find that attractive 
but it is not essential, they really 
looking for a person with more credential. 

I hate the idea of comfort, 
roads can be hard without effort, 
so I try and I try
most will spot that like a leopard.   

I like to inspire so 
I can see people get higher,
I live by impulse, 
I always chase what I desire. 

I am not afraid of my dark,
as most are blind in the light, 
NeoN illusions are external to the eye, 
LeoN confusions, I must look on the inside.    

"I am one to 
express the experience, 
because life not fully lived 
is half the deliverance"  

1 comment:

  1. ShambalahJuly 19, 2014

    Love this poem; great play with words and the message is clear for those with an ear. If it is you who is asking for just one win in yellow, let me say that I see in you a winner, it has already been granted many times over. Dont stop writing, don't stop rhyming. Shhhhhh