Thursday, 14 August 2014

poetic wisdom

I see the world,
I plead for change,
stories of sadness,
must this stay the same,
true happiness at this moment
to me seems insane...

You full off lie,
but the truth is people are still starving,
greedy off the illusion,
you know better but would
rather act with the confusion,

Why be confuse when you can defuse?
life really is the bomb,
so blow up with love,
explode with hate
most your days, of course
life is gonna be rough.

take time to see your life
and do not be blind too death...
do not suffocate in fear,
live bravely until your final breath.

your mouth should not be ran by
your ego, but the rhythm of your
hearts flow, steady beating, some
words said can get you a beating...

speak to the wise and educate the lost
everyone can be found...

we must find peace in this false war
as we are victims to another's perspective,
the cause to most of the worlds poison?

U.K queen,
U.S, dead presidents,
who define how you live;
there is a order 
and we 
reside in the chaos, 
we're losing more lives 
as the elite gain greater stock. 

High speed demands 
delivered by low paid production,
children making stars clothes 
walking the blood carpet 
toward a ceremony based on corruption. 

Listen to your local man, 
artist don't hear their fans, 
air con, first class, 
you riding economy, 
which is also crashing, 
you put cash in 
your idols hands.   

We were meant to praise 
Teachers and Natural Healers, 
not entertainers and drug dealers. 

Find knowledge, 
Seek wisdom,
throw away doubt 
catch the intention.   

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