Wednesday, 27 August 2014

yo-U....Kan... C... ME... through your See.. C.T.V (Life's a movie part 3)

You want to be in a movie? 
Forget hollywood, 
come to London,
we got many cameras in our dungeon,  
controlled by a higher state, 
a black man get beat down, 
but you never see the black truncation. 

We got stunt men from 
the pub to a illegal party, 
who do anything to fulfil their night, 
they care less about ending up a week later
 in front of a jury.

You want to put some wages 
on a fight, man we got all 
access the best day is friday night.

We got porn, 
just check the essex servers, 
we are the eyes of the city, 
jerking off eating hamburgers; 

we are the spies, 
but we aint no james bond, 
I have a console and if I want to see 
a woman the cameras zoom is very long, 
focus on the breast and if I want 
some ass I can even zoom up to her thong. 

We have as much cameras as the movies 
and willing to act for free, 
this is not a show, 
cop cams, brit cams, 
this is Britons reality. 

What is privacy?
you can get exposed on 
a governments server, 
police are  meant to protect, 
but they intimidate young youth, 
they aint here to serve us.

If I look into my watch
do you see me watching time? 
you found it easy to bust a man for stealing, 
but cant bust in your face war mongers, 
where the evidence is easy to find;

Does it in your face... 
I know I know
the news is just a stage, 
camera tricks and politricks 
is what controls most of the state.

Zoom in on a child,
who is shedding tears,
acting upon emotion,
increasing peoples fears.   

I see you watching me, 
so no way I can believe I am free, 
I guess the best place to run would be
to nature and sleep under the stars and trees.  

How much do I really own, 
nothing compared 
to your dying queen 
on her thrown; 

Fuck the U.K, 
asylum seekers coming over 
here like they're gonna find a way, 
my man says 
"this is a county of opportunity", 
you're just another slave, 
just easy to manipulate 
and you'll take minimum wage; 

No different in the U.S, 
most will tell you they aint the best, 
they put those who wanted to make
a change into a state of rest.

They hear your conversation,
leave you if your not a threat to the nation,
but soon as you become a public figure,
they watch you from home and your vacations;

"All eyes on me" 
Tupac already said it,
they watch your every move,
they can even see your spirit.

They can create there own peace, 
as they engage war with the middle east, 
cameras come in drones, 
destroying children and homes,
the power is not in the priest; 

Religion is a joke, 
I laugh, but will never take a poke, 
I have my own belief in the divine, 
but "my god" is this world nothing 
but chemicals and smoke.... 

Hell has reached it's peak, 
this is heaven for the weak, 
but hell for a meek, 
the devils kitchen is getting hotter
and I can't stand the heat, 
surrounded by heavy gorges, 
trotting to the armageddon horn 
scoffing all that meat; 

Fire and brimstone...
 I travel this world alone, 
trying to find a place on this rock,
which is not a conflict zone, 
no one can dare call this there home,
when the owner comes back,
you will realise where you are is a
temporary loan. 

"There is nothing that can't be seen, 
as they are behind the scene, 
take one, 
take two, 
not only are they the watchers, 
they are also the writers to this story,
in which we create our dreams"

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