Monday, 22 September 2014

Catherine with a C or the one with the K... which one?

I Can't escape this nightmare,
a curse only given by cheating men
I thought this girl was a one night friend.
seems there are five different ways this could end.

Just like most men in longterm relationships,
I like to be by myself and drink alone,
but that night I must have drank more than
I can remember,
because I don't remember taking her home;

As I wake up the next day
next to a pretty face,
blond hair and a slender waist; 
she look like an angel
who fell down from grace, 
but now I am in hell all because 
I was in my emotions and off my face. 

What am I meant to tell her?
Do I have to tell her?
man I'm in hot soup and no one
is here to help me stir.

Immediate girl is very good to me,
bad woman has sex appeal,
is what my eyes water and I wanna see;
although it took me years to
build with my main girl,
side girl invites I
I have spare minuets,
 least I can do is give her three;

I give her three...
but am I free?
what if she falls under
the whims of pregnancy;
Main girl tells me she is pregnant, 
so the next stage is marriage, 
I love my intellectual lady, 
but have lust for the one that is ratchet;
You are in my heart my true love, 
but in truth sometimes
I think with my dick;    

My one eye on the prize, 
to get drunk and introduce 
myself to her thighs, 
not to say I like these lies.

not sure if it was
my hearts yearning
or my falice burning?

Reality T.V, expose my lies 
in front of an audience, 
rather it just be you and me,
knowing I don't deserve you, 
need to tell you personally, 
not in front of a camera cast and crew;

From Jerry Springer
To Jeremy kyle,
cheating behind close scenes,
making on a scene
dose not cure the denial.

Cheating is not a physical,
if I think it long enough,
I can manifest it to become real.

Do I cheat,
because you have?
in experience,
you know it's not cool to be
backed stabbed. 

No doubt it is you I love, 
she is nothing but a fuck, 
but it is you I need when I 
am down as you give me that true touch, 
when I am up, all I can think about is the 
other one who is willing to suck.    

Why am I so needy? 
got one hot plate and 
yet I am still greedy, 
I know you aint gonna 
keep me, 
knowing how I treat thee.   

I never thought I would be the
cheating type, 
but how can I act like I am 
cool when you put on a show 
for other guys? 

Maybe you were being yourself, 
jealousy fed my anger 
and now revenge has put me in bad health;

the world will know before you, 
as I struggle to tell.... 
you're my main fantasy as I 
eventually live out my fairy tale.  

Man... It sucks being a man... 

One minute you're my life, 
the next hour I am fucking 
another mans left overs 
potential wife; 
In truth and behind my lies it is you 
who I want by my side.      

I know how this begun, 
but I gotta put it to an end, 
not only will I lose you as my girl, 
but will also lose you as a friend. 

Love me now
Love me never,
no point in pretending
because if it's real
that will keep us together.

"Cheating can be a moment 
of lust or temporal healing, 
in the long term will lead to 
distrust and hate, which leads 
to the heart ache and emotional bleeding" 

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