Thursday, 18 September 2014

ISIS (Ignorant Society, Ignorant State)

A new western fear,
in the western atmosphere,  
just to keep you questioning further, 
so you never know what's near.

I looked into the group, 
seems more like a government
side-op just to send in more troops.

Was set up by the state,
to get closer to the oil,
civil war was the only way.    

They took it back to tudor,
beheading was a thing of the past,
but they intend to bring it back to the future.  

Only encourage patriotic behaviour,
as your countries leader takes the stage
acting like he is your saviour.

ISIS... Internet Sunnis, International Sector
ISIS... Impotent State,  Illiterate Soldiers 

Give a bad name to Islam,
most of what they do is clearly haram,
so Iblis is their god as the defy the quaran.

Have no true power,
Allah will rain on them
with a furious shower.

Just another excuse
to bad name muslims,
just like back in the day and now
all blacks are called 
weed smokers and hoodlums.

ISIS... Internal Stupidity, Infinite Struggle 
ISIS... Image Simulation, Identity Sabotage     

Is an example how easy it is
to keep people apart,
money given to one hand
so that hand can rip their brothers heart.

Is all I hear in the media,
people listen in but the picture
is not getting any clearer.

Is just another side faction,
you give them more power
when you give them a reaction.  

What I know of is a female Godess, 
but now her name is used in vain 
by men who claim God... 
so unto you she will not bless.  

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