Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Together can make a better forever...

The power to collaborate,
with the right people,
will help you rise high and
know what it really means to elevate.

It is fact, that no one really makes
it on their own, the right people
with the right efforts will put you
in a new focus zone, imagine the whole
world worked to fix hunger, we called
truly call the earth our home.

The collaboration between evil,
is what keeps us separated and not
want to treat each other equal;
The collaboration of the good,
we're better when we stand together...

Working in a tag team,
only makes it easier to
achieve your dream,
solo can be a rough wave,
if you double up,
can be peaceful as a stream;

Let's double up
and triple the speed, 
when in tag mode, 
no doubt we will exceed. 

It's cool to help yourself,
but better to have a group
to push you in the right direction,
pull you out, when you feel like hell.

Personally I have always felt like
the best role is a team player,
who makes all members shine
without being the star, they are
the real true match makers.

With the right people you can
have long and intellectual cipher,
freestyle connecting ideas and
thoughts that will take you higher.  

The beauty of having more than
than one collaboration is if you meet
at least three, form together and
become a constellation.

"Two heads are better than one,
the job will get done quicker and it's
also twice the fun"


  1. YO! YO! Yooo!!! Wordd!! Hornet's challenge has succeeded your like the hornet who found the nest and settled for a while. with a few rips in your wing's you still managed to face the cliff slide and dive into oblivion with an open mind ready for whatever propels your way. I definitely feel like you've put into a transferable Literate perspective the day to day challenges of the "independent" Lifestyle we're forced into as individuals growing up in a world we're only advised to handle by our superiors with seperate want's and need's, You're clearly someone who's over come these thought's putting into perspective theres NO I in team. when preparing for one's future we all need a force to create an impact otherwise the cause is weak and override by bullshit cause's with mass brainwashing effect because the market we're inputting in our day to day life is definitely Cost effected therefore making it's message Effective and stupidly strong and overwhelming. Without the right education and understanding, we search our self's for our fears of why we are placed on such a land of many terrains some violent some tranquil and become insecure in our own thought's, we dare ask the questions "What caused this?" "Why did these lands change so much? Why are the biblical stories so divided as to the relations with these holy lands?" & The biggest question "What do I believe in?" Trying to answer such question's without someone else's answer or word's is impossible, We're merely children who have been influenced since birth as to thinking in a "Correct way". This is WRONG.
    What we need to do is collaborate in order to change the circumstances for our children to feel elevated in themselves, enough to knock out the negatives in man kind and educate the suffering elders who settled for comfort in this life to have us grow and be educated. We must learn what we have experienced as a challenge and chance to change what we know. We must learn and share and that's how one will truely profit on these lands. With more of us to find the truth and set an example of a life where money doesn't effect our well being nor tempt us into expensive and lavish lifestyles this will show all the true meaning off happiness.
    Word up hornet!