Sunday, 5 October 2014

Earth is one... we are separated...

We were all born
on this earth,
so why God do you
allow such inequality
on this turf?

This is not an equal playing
field, you had negro's picking
cotton and if they refused would
get hung when they refuse to yield;

Seemed like being black was a curse,
white was right and I guess if you were
light, just an experiment made by lynch
to make the race have even less worth.

At one point women were also
unequal counter parts,
but they are finally getting their pie,
not baking it as they march with their hearts;  

Women are now becoming way too feminist, 
be carful not to knock men off the planet or 
the world may seize to exist; 

The gays now have their rights, 
regardless of what people think is wrong, 
but as long as the planet has breeders, 
let them sing their song.    

Even animals are treated like less, 
in your religious Scriptures,
you clearly say do not eat that of the flesh,
but people think they have a one 
up because they got a voice, but their 
word and reasons for doing such act is a mess; 

Animals may one day rebel, 
what if the apes took back this planet,
they would turn it back to 
a kingdom and erase this human hell,
free all the animals we put in the scientific jail.    
You allowed one man to believe, 
Blond hair and blue eyes were superior 
anyone outside that was lame, 
that anyone who did not look like 
that would never be treated the same; 

He persecuted a people because of this,
years later these people get their balance
and now these same people are
controlling and manipulating shit,
they are know as the zionist.    

Now there is a script for the state
of islam,
I'm cool that actors convert,
but the media still brings harm,
Well God...
Equal rights and justice
must not be in your psalms, 
because the devil got 
separation in his palms...  

How do you expect me to put 
my hands together, 
if know one wants to hold hands together,
most of the world feels separation is better.   

White hate Blacks, 
Women hate Men,
German hate Jews, 
hate is now encouraged
through uneducated and 
narrow minded views.  

You got most races saying they
are the chosen people,
but any race who condones that
will find in the end you don't
get judged as a whole but as an individual.    

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