Saturday, 11 October 2014

E.B.O.L.A (Every Body Observe Life's Attitude)

E = Exaggeration, for the media highly exaggerate, 
       they try and keep you in a hysteria state. 

B = Blame, as the media blame a certain people, 
       If they had any true concern they would have
       contained such a disease, but they don't believe 
       in treating people equal. 

O = Organised, as the media try and organise more 
        chaos than peace, they enjoy putting you in 
        fear in the west, as they talk bad about the east. 

L = Lies, as they continue to make up statistics, 
       at the same time being hypocrites, because if 
       we as a mass knew the truth, would bring in 
       active solutions and better logistics.  

A = Arrogance, as any western nation feels no 
       true sympathy, as we have up to date and 
       evolved medical facilities.        


CoMMence pOEm.......... HOrNEt Mind IniTIAted..........

O.K.... BEGin......

Ebola has been here since 1976, 
with all the years of medicals advances, 
you still cannot find a fix? 

I don't believe that, 
       you help who you wanna help,           
the rest can just die flat on their back. 

I see you trying to put 
a new fear in the air, 
fear is a bigger disease, 
especially if the people's 
understanding is not clear.

in truth it's obvious to see, 
you have no intention 
to help your fellow man...


I sense you have a bigger plan, 
the concept of an actual disease 
may occur,  
I saw a  slight theory in the 
amazing spider man; 

But it is no different from resident evil, 
moved from lab rats and monkeys and
thought it's time to test the people,
disease the local occupants 
bring it to public appeal.  

Ebola is classified as Bio Level 4 disease, 
to others can be used as a weapon, 
it's not only psychological, 
but can be used biological;

They got FEMA camps and coffins ready,
for their long term mission... 
as they steady go with their plans 
which involves human extinction. 

They make you fear something, 
which can be controlled,   
but the less you know about something 
the more they have you on a stronghold.  

Ebola is not just a curable disease, 
they would rather create death threats, 
as the rich could care less, 
if the poor decease or decrease. 

U.K is clearly in denial, 
as they speak on such subjects, 
but their care can't even walk a mile; 

Exhausted by the first check point, 
as you set up checkpoints,
terrorising your own nation, 
the government are the real terrorist 
the new world for the 
U.S is a FEMA plantation.  

I guess... 
it's not time to guess... 
it is the time to know...
as we enter the new dark age, 
you better find your light, 
because now...
now is the time to glow.  

"A world where we praise evolution, 
humans de-evolve, why we will soon 
meet our conclusion"

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