Sunday, 26 October 2014

T.V... (Total Vanity)

I told a child a T.V is square,
makes your mind run around in circles,
especially if you see the symbol triangle;

One eye...
but remember the T.V
blocks your
Third eye...
who cares what the
forth coming
show is...

T.V leaves you hypnotic,
hypocrites use words
of fear, the more they say it,
the more you will see it...
but you have the option to
disregard or believe it.

T.V is the new nanny,
pepper pig is the big sister,
Ben Ten is the brother,
pop Idols are like family... 
It's so sad how parents are 
no longer part of their 
children's reality.

Most children just
channel surf,
as they ride the waves  
 of advertised influences,
they tend to do it when
they full of bored.     

T.V... Tinted Vision
T.V... Temptation vision
T.V... Touring vision
T.V... Tricking Vision

You watch chat shows on others problems
and you still have your own to solve, 
You watch sports on T.V, 
but you won't kick a football, 
You watch cooking programmes, 
eating out of a microwave dinner. 

T.V is like Tetris,
most shows run in blocks,
fit together to break your mind,
children see it as entertainment,
parents use it to unwind.

T.V is a show and it
does not show much,
young ladies,
visuals make
you feel less,
young boys it
controls your ego
and forget about that
in what beats behind
your pecks.

T.V... Tunnel Vision 
T.V... Target Visuals
T.V... Tune Vocals
T.V... Terrible vortex   

Have you ever seen a rat in a box?
all they do is drive themselves crazy,
if you put a rat in a field...
it would have endless possibilities;

Put your mind in the same state,
your mind is put in a T.V box,
knowing most of what is shown is
Put your mind on a field,
trust me you will be able to run in
many directions.

You watch it 
watch you, 
in turn become 
a vision you see, 
your mind forever trapped in a image 
you were not meant to be... 

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