Sunday, 2 November 2014

Work up, lay down, wake up...

I am at work, 
but I really don't feel alive, 
I don't wanna work for that 
promotion that "might come" 
in the next five... 

Years are wasted with 
an annoying boss,
gossip around the canteen, 
getting my appetite lost. 

Work makes me sick and 
I don't get paid for them days, 
I get a warning if it's to regular 
and a shitty monthly wage.

Co workers chatting shit,
with a brown stain on their nose,
trying to get me fired,
fucking pirates,
I be thinking Thar he blows;

Sucking up to the boss,
we're in the same department,
the only ladder I be climbing
is the one in the warehouse
to get that requested box.

I have to speak in a certain manor,
work is turning me into an actor,
may as well audition for a show
instead of letting my boss be my camera.    

I get told to do this and do that, 
they must think I am some type of cyborg, 
even a robot would get bored, 
press his self destruct button
on his circuit board.

I know I got to work, 
I live in a business state, 
I know I got to eat because 
it's hard to get by on an empty plate, 
I know by doing a job, 
I have to sacrifice my fate.

Work is not destiny, 
work is more like death to me, 
being alive to keep alive 
the systems heart beat, 
as they gain victory off my labour 
and I have to suffer a personal defeat. 

Work can keep one motivated, 
also ground you for too long, 
side missions will never get elevated
because work is my daily song; 

and when my life's tune is said and done, 
I don't want to see three quarters work 
and one quarter was spent with fun, 
apart from the company sports day, 
which I took part in and won, 
running for the office,
i'm still young, better think about 
my own business to run.   

A slave is what I am, 
The matrix compared us to a battery, 
but earths computer is running out of RAM, 
eugenics is deletion, create selective slaves 
so they can live out their long term plan; 

The plan to keep me small, 
as their buildings get more tall, 
most of their fleet are drowning in depression, 
as they swimming in their private pool.

The work life can lead to suicide, 
I guess work is a death train, 
made to keep you on track until 
your final destination to make you 


"Work for survival,
Work to keep busy, 
don't work until you cant work, 
then you miss out on life's mystery"

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