Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Happy new year... or Happy hangover...

Happy new year, 
I'm happy mine 
is without a hangover
this is the first new year 
since I was 18 and sober, 
as I sip Rose Shloer 
pretending it's a Cobra. 

Man I had a good year....

So much action and growth, 
I overcome some fears, 
so when I go into the next one, 
it's coming with automatic cheers.      

This year was Happy,
Pharell let it be known,
governments intend to
break the people's spirit
but the spirit of love has grown,
hate still exist but it seems the
vibration is reaching a low.

I see the fright
the mass media
try to install,
immune to the wise,
but easy to upload it to a fool;

None the less
people got together
injustice was what they fought,
it shows people together have power
together in 2015 we can march fourth.

Don't be compelled to make 
yearly resolutions, instead 
work daily on your 
hourly intentions, 
the minutes count down, 
so up your ambitions...

Who wants to spend 
the next year in worry?
one must go in with 
self betterment, 
slow thoughts, 
stop living life    
in a hurry.  

We can report the worst of the year,
but that just puts us
in the state of negative,
what's the point
of a happy new year
if every year you feel
sad to live.

Don't bring old ties 
to your new rise, 
un-knot what was what, 
bring  back the laughter 
instead of cries. 

Bring in belief
know you will persevere 
regardless of grief, 
as Bugsy Malone said, 
"you can be anything you want to be"  

New year can be on your birthday,
the fact you got the extra year to play,
New year could be the day you have an idea,
which if succeeds, lead to happy up and coming years.  

I'm going in the new year 
with the heart of the lion;

Passion in my action, 
Loyalty will still be at royalty,
with my first and last pride, 
P.O.Z by my side, 
so inevitably it's gonna 
be a creative ride.   

Happy new year,
where I will meet
Happy new people,
happiness shared with others 
makes the world have a better feel.

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