Thursday, 25 December 2014

My GIFTS un-wrapped

To those who had 
no gifts to un-wrap

A reminder, that when 
you came to this world, 
at that present moment 
your mothers world was merry 
even if that was
not her name, 
you get the point. 


I do not need to 
un-wrap any gifts,
the ones I do are 
the ones that are 
already mine...

Let me explain:

I un-wrap my rap,
in this gift I can give 
to children, parents and 
free words to those who 
are trapped. 

The beat is given to me 
and words are my gift
I like to un-wrap
express through rap,
music is what I live;

I take from the beat,
create an emotion 
words in return I give, 
I whisper to those who listen, 
because the words I speak I live,
simultaneously saying phrases
that can help you uplift. 
Music can 
calm you down
lift you up,    
I intend to do both 
and the bonus of that is 
I do it with compassion and love; 

One love
  One love, 
soon we will get together 
and we will rise. 

I present my poetry,
there is no better gift 
that i could ask for, 
although I write for reflection
I write for others 
to make them see their reality. 

I write spontaneous affirmations
and hope others get 
personal realisations,    
I present my gift of life 
to all creeds, 
all genders 

I write to increase peace, 
let my inner demons release, 
to educate my fellow people, 
I am a slave to writing, 
yet with it I can set my mind free.  

I tend to imagine my words,
like Van Gogh,    
create abstract pictures,
but can bring my prophet side out
as I write hidden parables, 
known as my most inner scriptures; 

Imagine theres
no heaven
we don' have to try, 
hell is not below us, 
we can bring 
down the sky. 

In my writing 
I find my heart reciting, 
memories of growth 
my now starts unwinding, 
put past thoughts together 
see my future un-winding, 
all that from playing with 
words re-reading 

Never gonna stop
put all my thoughts 
on record, search my akashic
the universe is in my ball pen 
the paper is the one that has to catch it.  

I am thankful for my offerings, 
my mind, my heart my souls mission, 
they drive me to my destinies destinations, 
I empty my mind vi meditations, 
this gives me new space 
to create many more creations.  

Although these gifts are 
not physical, 
they aim to hit your heart,
un-wrap your thoughts   
because most of what I do 
I present to your spiritual, 
because if touched by my 
intention then it's just as real.  

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