Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Words... I play... relevance I say...

So many subjects that tend to get discussed, 
civilians arguing,
not reasoning, 
being un-civil on the trains and bus. 

I heard an old Caucasian lady talk 
about her confusion towards the blacks, 
she was trying to convince me
that her old words in this new age match, 
I nodded along for 10 minuets 
in reply gave her some peaceful facts; 

Told her who enslaved the people? 
yeah she kept it real, 
but the conversation sounded flat, 
like my BMX wheel; 

Talking about poor parenting, 
yet she came from a 
richer home, 
air to a throne, 
her words...
I wish she was hearing, 
but I was willing to aid, 
I could care less if
I failed english, 
 if graded on patience
I got that passing grade.  

Her words were not hers, 
just statistics from rich pricks, 
who injected her mind 
decided to live with it, 
I tried making her see different, 
ahhh... her opinion...
she decides to stick. 
Not me... so kick...

I move along down the party, 
the next conversation
was about the government, 
I guess they were feeling smart,
because I find politics more of a joke, 
I moved forward
chuckled at them. 

But as I left the party another old timer
was ranting about slavery, 

I said:

"why do you remember your ancestors 
for the pains and not their fight and bravery?"

He said"

"you mixed up, nothing but a mixed nut" 

before I let him continue his attack

I said:

"old timer willie lynch got you fucked, 
I'm not saying forget the past, 
but the fact that you keep going on about it, 
is why slavery forever lasts"

My point being...
Even then it's easy to blame the other man, 
but he's looking at you smiling
as all you do is complain about his plan, 
your future for your children is your past,
so they are gonna find it hard to make a stand.  

So I did not stand I just walked on, 
heard a couple arguing, 
man it sounded like a sitcom, 
as there words were monotone,
T.V got them gone... 

Hornet Move along... 

but it seems everywhere I go, 
people talk about the same thing, 
never STOP, so how do they expect to go?
Seems like people think they know, 
research is limited, if their mind agrees, 
then they just flow.    

They really don't know, 
they meaning, 
those who speak the same words, 
never make the effort to take them higher 
so can never speak to angels and birds. 

Some people speak and just go in circles, 
soon as you pull them on their compass, 
can't direct and you end up tripping on their hurdles; 

But I jump right over them, 
with spacious conversations, 
let them leave on my ship, 
which goes from planet to planet 
of metaphors and parables, 
taking you too new destinations.     

I love to talk, 
but the conversation has to be clear, 
not race, 
not politics, 
drama or anything to do with fear.

Words can build new roads, 
if you travel with them right, 
make new friends and new bros,
men use them to speak to queens
instead of wasting them on pros.

Women use words, 
but not derived from gossip,
converse with an equal minded man
and you can create many new topics. 

"In these times meditation 
is needed the most, 
no one is mindful, 
so one must empty,
but not through the mouth, 
for a quiet mind is better than
a poisonous tongue,
so please... keep it down"

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