Saturday, 14 February 2015

Build Beyond This Day, With More Too Say

Roses are red...
without you 
I will go blue!!! 
please take me now, 

Na sounds like a 
suicide love note. 

Will you be my valentines

"AHH.. to cliche..." 

Your lips taste like watermelon bubblegum, 
I could chew them for hours... 

"Man I sound like a zombie..." 

"Hmmm... How to start this message? 
so many ways to say it, 
but wanna write it one time 
so she can get it in one minute"  

I KNOW... 

Lets start off with sorry, 
because at this exact time 
I am broke, 
but knowing you, 
you don't care about such problems, 
you happy chilling on the sofa 
watching a movie with 
my home made popcorn, 
forget Champaign, 
Malibu and coke.

I Remember sitting 
on the grass in richmond park, 
red ant's went down your pants, 
who knew kissing 
me would be a pain in your ass. 

             HA HA HA HA HA 
                                          HA HA HA HA HA

I remember the first 
valentines card I made,
Argos magazine cut outs 
a cheesy message 
a double dutch cinema date; 

Even then you had my back, 
when parents and peers were 
repeating that "get a job" track, 
I was working on you, 
missed my first 
two weeks of A levels, 
chilling at yours 
playing games, 
completing zelda temples, 
getting to know yours at the 
same time enjoying the new 
relationship fundamentals. 

I liked that you liked me, 
at that time most girls 
thought I was crazy, 
looking at it, it's because 
of you they think I'm 
now a worthy man, 
I guess you can say you
created that image 
as well as 
two physical images, 
we got some cute babies; 

One born on the eve of valentines, 
he is a forever gift, my seed which 
crawled up your vines, his conception 
a concoction of young love and many wines, 
You were made out of 

You were my Beyonce... 
Na more like my Mya,
but she's an air sign, 
MY A..hem... (Cough..) opposite, 
but no doubt you were cool, 
my Maya indian
I was riding your water, 
on a lunar night, 
we even conceived a daughter, 
the same sign as you, 
looks like you, 
this is gonna to be fun 
for me when she get's older; 

Princess... you will have many cards 
may have to break many hearts, 
you have mummies looks 
you have daddies arts, 
you have a big brother that's smart, 

Sorry back to MY VALENTINES... 
because it is your day, 
I will give you a gift through my gift 
in my most expressive way,
if I don't write you a message next year,     
hopefully we will be flying next year on a plane;

if I cannot afford an air trip,
i'll take you around the local grounds,
as long as you happy to be by my hip, 

sincerely and your forever, 
LE hOrNet 

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  1. Your Page is unique and colorful, plesant visit and nice read. Nothing here WHISPERS Mr. Horn. Net ;) Happy V Day