Friday, 6 February 2015

Inter...(fear) cyber children generation...

Looking for love...
well you sure aint going 
to find it on a friday night 
in a bar anymore; 

Seems you can find it from 
your stool or even whilst you 
are doing a stool... 
you can chat shit whilst 
taking a shit, 
love in the real is become 
rare, the amount of love you get
depends on your profile on the internet.

Profile Personalities do not match 
the reality, then you go back to work 
saying it was a bad date, do it again... 
man that's insanity.            

Cinemas are empty, 
the original date space, 
play some video games 
and chat smack not online 
but in a persons face,
now it's on the couch 
eating potato chips at 
home drinking gatorade.

Youtube put's you(R) mind in a tube, 
Facebook only exposes your various looks,
as well as     
Instagram, which exposes INSTAnt GRAMs 
photo shop touch ups but in the real 
you cant hide them pounds.
Twitter is a nest for the ego, 
FOLLOW one and another... 
man everyone wants a FOLLOW; 

Even me... 
I myself am dependent 
on technology, 
but independent in mind 
trust I like to read
not just from a screen, 
pages of nature 
where the sky is a nice scene 
and around me leaves are green. 

E-Book seems like my only way forward, 
but don't get use to reading them as they 
can make your eyes awkward.   

I love the fact that technology has evolved, 
but more afraid it has also made are mind dissolve,
making simple arguments harder to solve, 
"I wish for a civil forum", 
is what I said to my daughters dull,  
but I can't wish that in these discussion 
they are some evil trolls; 

But they are only water under the bridge, 
as they try a trick track over these kids, 
trafficking them over the web, 
all types of mad bids and sacrifices.     

Internet is a powerful invention, 
has the power to predict you, 
because it has you at attention, 
your mind, eyes and your erection, 
porn is a disease and has no parental lock, 
open door servers via phones 
just lock there phone no need to lock their bedroom;   


Now and then we must go back to nature, 
fresh air and a 
cool summer breeze is a beautiful flavour, 
no phones,
no connections, 
just some time with earth and her creator.  

"Internet interferes, 
computer commandeers,
as we try and keep up with machines, 
slowly forgetting about your human years."

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