Monday, 9 February 2015

Poets who made me...

If I recall the first poet I ever heard, 
would be Tupac Shakur, 
political poet,
word smith,
not will smith, 
his art form was very raw, 
simultaneously make you dance
and deliver a message that is pure.

Poets are the script writers for thought,
speak on what they feel and what has been taught; 

I learned Shakespeare the original writer

and his name last for centuries, 
but my teacher made him seem boring, 
so RUMI was sent to me. 

Rumi made me understand my soul 
andpersonal reflections, made me understand 
my inner intentions, he made me understand 
earthly desires as well as the higher heavens.  

I say Rumi you came at the right time, 
you came in the write lines,
I queued up for knowledge 
and you gave me intelligence, 
although I failed school and collage, 
words were universal; 

So it doesn't matter if i get a degree, 
after them years, started drinking, with vulgar opinion, 
who got introduced at this time of my life 
mr "fun drunk" Bukowski,

Charles B, you were hilarious and at that time 
suited to me, people liked a honest man who 
would break down the sickness of society; 

Made it easier to express my thoughts, 
which at that time was deemed as crazy, 
but with you on my bookshelf 
only made it more sane,
it is because of you 
I learned how to speak more free.

I dare not forget the man who I was compared too, 
heard his name around London town, 
but was on my ego pedestal, 
after the 3rd time, 
researched and thought, 
"Man this guy is cool" 
he even teaching at schools;

Yes it is Benjamin Zephania, 
his words were political fire, 
made me take my spoken word
that little higher, 
first time I saw him in a black cab performing, 
gave my art a new understanding 
as well as my personal desire.

I dare not forget 
walt whitman 
ezra pound, 
hear about you via a book named 
the gift
soon as I read you personality profiles, 
gave me an instant lift, 
made me unleash my endowment,
thanks to you two, 
hold on to it 
with extra grip.  
I got curious and 
looked into random poets, 
some well known 
others who were unnoticed. 

After these six went into 
the poets who were blogging
found many talents 
in these communities,
as each experience shared 
only enhances the energies.

I am happy for all the poets 
that came in my time, 
it is because of all of you 
why I continue to rhyme.

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