Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Popcorn and poetry

How do I define a day 
where I have not even slept, 
the midwife delivered her 
first born baby 2 hours after midnight,
39 to go,
at least she has one on her CHECK; 

1... 2... 1... 2.. 
1... 2:25am 
that time I was spinning 
with my thought's chilling 
with some of my night friends, 

When the following light comes, 
was gonna meet one of them from the ends.

random statuses as I tweet, 
fan base within a few got increased... 

Tic Toc
  Tic Toc, 
go to bed,
go to bed,
mind will you 
PLEASE stop... 

wait how did this poem
even start... 
I am yet to rest my head.. 
man I really need to go to bed... 

Quick Sleep, 
Quick dreams, 
so surreal
physic connection
confirmed from members 
of my team... 

SO, as I was saying how does one 
explain a day when I don't remember sleeping, 
no alarm clock, thought pile ups, 
semi meditating and lucid dreaming.    

Today was Drey day, 
started as a grey day, 
but by the time we got talking
about manifestation, 
things unravelled in the words 
we would say, like "sun come out" 
and the sun came out to play, 

by talking with her on a long enough 
time frame, found a new picture in 
her personality and found new avenues 
to communicate, the world I will see her 
in from now on is the world where we can create.  


Before I met my friend, 
the beginning of the day
was actually the end, 
she was my middle,
as we spoke in riddles,
new language we in many middles... 
in fact she was my balance; 

Check my balance... 
had to ask my queen 
to transfer me some cash,
"my JSA is coming tomorrow
but i am not one to lay on my ass."

I was up from morning, 
dropping my children, 
helping the grandma roll 
out some grass, 
then smoke mine,
then got the soil bags into line;

Later had to drop them bags 
across the road,   
got my younger brothers help, 
teaching him to mix with the old... 
school as they were never taught, 
but it's about helping if you can
and HEY... 
you may get a reward... 

Which he did and the plus side 
it kept him active, 
missed his team on T.V to help 
and he worked rapid....  

The day seemed slow, 
because that was my flow, 
needed to have that before I 
get on the work GO... 

Good news, 
I got, 
whilst doing good deeds, 
spent with good people, 
pots, plants and weeds.  

The night has not even ended 
the day is just beginning. 
welcome to a writers world, 
where chapters and days are
never ending;;;

wait WAIT wait... (00:19am)
I must finish a promise
for my daughter before
    I get in daddy detention...

SEE YOU READERS in the higher
ASCENSION or... (yawn)...

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