Sunday, 22 February 2015

Social WEB work.

I am part of this social network,
un-sociable most of them are...

I started out in Myspace
all i would do is put bruce lee quotes 
over my page, 
the people who were on the list 
at the time use to hang at my place.

Then a friend got me into blogging, 
it was as active as me, 
active in the writing, 
but a sloth when it comes down to login, 

In most days, 
I would forget my password, 
but knew I had to double up if I
wanted my voice to be heard.     

Facebook to me make sense,
random videos and pictures
and status, which most hide
behind and is just false pretence.

Fake-book more like it,
but know one likes shit,
unless it's a funny cat video
or a woman with cleavage.

Nose-book as well,
relationship changes,
pass by another's page
to see which one has failed,
so you can take advantage,
of your so called friends X-girl.

Twitter is not for the quitter,
it's kind of direct,
follow or un-follow,
at least I know who gives
me that genuine respect.

Twitter makes you a busy bee,
no time to link no birds,
what makes it the more unique for me
is the limited amount of words;

I make quotes and quick notes,
which lead to big writes
sometimes better flows,
twitter is one of my favourite,
it's easy to by pass the egos. 

Youtube is another account I have, 
not the best when one wants to interact,  
you get race wars by the pact,
it is no longer an opinion,
just personal Hate, 
seems where there is any form of video 
someone starts off a race debate; 

Not to say it cannot be informative, 
depends what your there for, 
I go there for outer information, 
not be amongst those who have 
earthly information war.

Youtube you get million views, 
which gives me the view to point 
out for those who stay in, 
youtube will be your only teacher 
most of what you watch 
is intended to lead you to sin, 
so keep your political views to 
yourself and go out and experience. 

Instagram is a visual disguise,
for plastic girls and buffed up guys,
who discard their true face and body,
on that site, seems pictures tell a thousand lies,
thousand photoshop mistakes, you will be called
out especially in a professionals eyes.

I am yet to join insta
you will get a gram
of hornet words,
not that I hate pictures,
but you can make visuals
out my rhymes,
although most are better heard,
plus I need to bring in the herds.
Let me stop ranting about the networks above,
because I'm part of many communities,
who show me love,
more than my own real community,
Hornet + recommends Google plus...

+1 for those who know what I be saying, 
+2 for the fact you can interact, 
+3 for the ones who built a better me. 

People at first found it hard to use, 
but after tweaking with the options, 
eventually becomes a cruise. 

You see it's easier to build when
you got a google plus team,
days where you think promotion
was a nightmare
they remind you of your dream.

If not for the
G+ network,
I would not know my
interNet worth,
so I recommend google,
coming from the mouth of hornet,
you can trust my word.  

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