Sunday, 1 February 2015

What UP G.O.D I am for thee...

God I am thankful for the road
you have paved,
and if the pitch fork comes up,
I will keep walking straight;

I know too many who stepped on it,
and can no longer walk their
pre written destiny,
but become another victim
to man made fate,
with an untold story.

I don't want to be an untold story,
if it's up to you, would like to addd some
scribes to your original text, 
but through modern text,
   just SMS.   

Hey... you gave me the gift to write,
it's only fair I boast on such offerings,
like the spoiled child
who gets the better stocking;

or go off like
let it be known
at a ceremony;

"ED sheeran is good 
LE is for the children
mainstream is here to destroy...
hornet's here to heal them" 

I ask you
for bare minimal, 
so please help me reach 
my maximum, 
if you don't... 
well just like a child 
I'm going to throw a tantrum; 

You will probably ignore me, 
but like a child, 
will learn 
approach you 
say sorry. 

I like the relationship we got, 
I can call you many names, 
divine is my personal, 
but my given language, 
your just plain old God, 
but no need for the technicals, 
you one entity to all religions, 
who war for you and to me 
that is straight odd; 

So I keep it even,  
as you made me, 
I am your spontaneous baby, 
the part of you which you sent, 
so you can live a little lazy.


That's what I mean you and I 
can make such jokes,
people of belief would think I'm taking pokes,
but whatever their view 
             they can't see through my souls windows.            

Your son has no colour... 

As your son I am one in many colours, 
christ... why lord to people 
continue to bicker; 

If he was Rastafarian: 
Bob Marley  

If he was American:
Tupac Shakur  

If he was European:
John Lennon

Anyways my point before I digress, 
he came in many legends 
different transcendence.  

I am happy to say
I would never argue in your name,
I would like to keep what we got
if it's all the same?
I apologise if I go astray;
You made me a Leo,
    so at times will be hard to tame,
I am hear to test you
as much as you test me,
my preys are my ticket
to your miracle train.  

A time where I thought 
my sight to be small,
you pass earths rock to me,
alley-oop and now I feel tall;

Feel like I can jump to Jupiter's hole,
grind the rings of saturn,
I feel like you crossed earth
help me score my goal.

I leave you now divine,
with a thankful heart,
 until we meet next poem,
I'll keep you in mind,
so we will never be a part.  

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