Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Alone And Talking To The Higher Throne....

I Cannot contain him, 
the one within... 

He wants to be free, 
was he ever trapped?
putting on a mask to please, 
the funny guy of the party, 
but that is a front, it is my darker energy 
now he comes back to haunt me.

Why did you not ask for help? 
there is no need, when you see others 
getting benefited by your help, 
whether it was spiritual 
advice for health; 

This is why you must feel sick, 
take a social nap and remember 
you are needed, 
even if you don't feel wanted, 
when your not around, 
maybe they will believe it. 

so what from this stage?
I don't know: 
anything that will put you 
back to balance, 
so you can act your 
true mind state;

You mean my true intention? 
yes the one that keeps people 
in a positive dimension, 
and you in higher ascension, 
it's a mistake to act for others, 
when you were born to give direction. 

My God... you just... 
Yes I do get it, 
say my name a certain amount 
of times and you may just regret it; 

Well I hardly say your 
name in vain, 
nor am I vain, 
I live your external 
mirror brings the demons, 
who only bring you pain,
Look on the inside,
the outside is a image
and my image comes 
in different color paints; 

Art attack... 
People attack 
my art, 
defend their self when I 
say a sentence, 
because my words 
intend to attack 
your heart...

And heart is all I give,
sometimes I feel to be selfish, 
but it takes away the true way 
I would like to live.

Loud ideas, 
I Want to be heard, 
I try and keep quiet, 
but my mind... 
my mind... 
it's a RIOT;

Silence from the world, 
where your voice can only 
reach so many... 

I don't believe that, 
change will be done on a 
mass scale... 

I understand but your destiny 
may not be fulfilled, 
as you know it's hard to fill 
empty people who would rather 
stay on the field, 

You were made to question, 
so do as you please, 
people got good hopes for
you, give them time to see; 

Because most already know, 
it is time you are waiting for
and when it's that time you 
will be on the go, 
so whilst you are in a state of growth, 
take these days as you got them, 
nice and slow, 

I bid you prosperity 
if you are lost for advice, 
I am here through your darker times 
like the Hadou
but here to give you the bright times, 
always with you your

inner glow     

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