Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Love UP-side-DOWN....

If I were to love you,
would you show me it back?

If I were to really show you,
would it be an act?

Will it be just another stage,
will you be another love chapter
to my page?

Contents makes it clear,
but the words seem everywhere,
love brings rain and pain,
love makes you understand
both hate and fear.  

I want you more than I can have,
I have not made you want me,
just a character to this life,
but you created a better character,
which worked for this better reality;

Reality check,
feeling become deluded,
when your heart is in a
cocoon to self protect,
rather fly from love,
than get caught in a widows nest.

Sorry I was to real, 
sorry I did not consider
how you feel, 
sorry I ain't like that guy,
with a poor soul, 
but is rich and has sex appeal, 
I am the type of guy 
who would help you cook,  
the conversation 
in the 
is the meal. 

I am sorry if I made you hate me, 
so you wanted to date him, 
sorry I made you feel lost
and with him you thought you'd win. 

Never claim 
never will be perfect, 
but I will always let you know 
that my love will 
show you I am worth it. 

Let me not run from what
I want to say, that can lead in 
the long term a power to 
manipulate, relationships 
are meant to be strong, 
why do most exaggerate?

Wait... Wait... 

I write this with focus pain, 
target what is most relevant
from my heart and compute 
it with my brain, 
mind and heart, 
the heart is the mind, 
man, they both one in the same.

We fight, 
then make love in the night, 
angry when I penetrate, 
I don't love you when I 
think of that other guy, 

Ego Ego Ego,
E wont GO, 
here to stay for 
this duration, 
to protect my
heart and soul.

You may hate that I 
come the way I do, 
if i do not do it, 
then please tell me who; 
DR could even tell
you your love sick, 
he would think 
you got the flu;

Love sick, 
Love Sick, 
Sick of love, 
let me take 
another swig,   
Love Sick, 
feel like ima 
be sick... 

I want to love,
so hard to tell
if it's genuine
or a false hug,
my heart strings are
forever tugged,
I feel what we have 
is not enough; 

I say I want more, 
but if I left you, 
would break down on the floor, 
like a yielding solider in a 
samurai war, 
although I have a poison mind, 
just know that my heart is pure, 
if I make you feel less, 
is because you deserve more. 

Tell me what man would admit his fault, 
without making you feel the blame, 
what man will give you his pure heart
without playing with your brain?  
I write this to cure your curiosity, 
at the same time heal my inner pain.  

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