Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mum... Please Hear your son...

Happy Mothers day... 
A message to my carrier, 
but you still don't want to carry my message a way, 
rather keep me away... 
I wish there was a way...
this message is a cross between, 
Love and Rage, 
because mum I refuse to show you hate, 
but... please can you let me know where
are we at this stage;

You never once acted out of love, 
but I knew you had love, 
Mum I have know visual memory 
when the last time we had a HUG... 

So cold... So cold... 
I have know idea how 
I have a warm soul, 
because for a while I could 
never trust any woman, 
but I found another to feel 
that lack of love hole
I today can say I feel whole...
happy mothers day to my child bearer
we will celebrate with some home cooking
and some Hornet fun. 


This message is for you mum, 
I know you try to show me care, 
and yes I want to be there... 
but let's be clear; 

I am distorted, 
brought up a distraught kid, 
why did you tell me I would amount
to nothing and say I would never make it? 

I hate it when I made you cry, 
worst person to see shed tears, 
made me feel like I don't try...

I remember when I first saw you cry, 
I felt your pain and from there tried being 
your saint child, 
but made me lead to believe 
I was the son of the devil, 
almost made me believe I was mental, 
but it's all good, I always felt I was special,
middle name Michael, 
so always protected by an angel.     

So easy for me to please people, 
to please you... man... 
hardest mission and it's overdue, 
thought I would have impressed you 
when I got my first book out, 
or when I started doing shows, 
you didn't even care when I got my 
1st interview...  

1st Born...

2nd... I am torn seems like 
when we commune, 
without saying it, 
I feel you wish 
I was never born.  

3rd of my life 
I have tried, 
mix the I&R 
around and 
now I'm tired; 

But I do not give up easily, 
I will do something before your time 
you will be pleased of me, 
you would not have to say I love you that day, 
I will take it in whatever the form I will know 
if it is a genuine relay 
in that one moment will forever replay 
as it is that one moment I await,
for that one moment 
I will wait 
for that moment I prey. 

Mum please hear your son, 
I was your number one, 
had 3 boys, you would always 
treat me last, 
but I ain't here to bring about the past, 
nor wear a mask, 
the more I hide these feelings, 
the more you become a task, 
Mum Please hear your son, 
Mum soon to shine like one, 
Until that day don't eclipse this, 
read this poem from 
your heart,  
your heart, 
is what I am trying to win, 
sorry mum if I made you 
think I was a sin, 
ima show you I was a virtuous child, 
in this life time your heart I will win. 

Anger is all I think of when it comes this 
date, wishing I could take you on a date, 
you would probably leave me to by the tickets
then stand there waiting for you in the rain, 
or like a couple who planned to run a way 
and only one of the boarded the train; 

Here's a ticket mum are you on board, 
because I don't want this feeling anymore,
I'm getting bored, 
let's wire this together, 
connect new circuits mother board, 
process new emotions MS-DWN...  

All in all...

Sorry mum, 
I was not the perfect son, 
Sorry mum,
for any emotional harm, 
Sorry mum, 
I will prove to do better,
so I don't have to say... 


This is not how I imagined mothers day, 
but when you see I am worth more than 
you can see, by this time in a couple of years, 
I will look at this poem with tears, cry with me, 
because we would have conquered all our fears...

I must find love for you in this life time, 
may you have a Poetic Mothers Day 
I hope next year I can change your mind, 
because I really want to change these lines, 
forever your son,
to my mum 
who is forever mine.  

LE hOrNet     


  1. I can actually relate to that; it's hard keeping mums happy without that her actually supporting real things. The Real mothers day haha. Hope everything works out for the best of both of us!

    1. Thank mr A, happy to see someone relate to my deeper messages, it clearly shows that I am not alone and shall do more for those who are in tune with their core... peace for the readzzzzzzzzz....