Thursday, 12 March 2015

P.V (Poetic Vitate)

Do you believe?

of course we do,
but first you have to prove,
you got the talent,
but why would I support you?

Because I speak to the youth,
my demeanour resonates truth,
the fact most things I say are full proof?

Proof, your evidence is feeling,
if you want this job, you have to
deal with thinking, have you got the
power to be deceiving?

Adaptive yes,
but to trick another...
NO... it's not in my flow,
people tell me to stop being me,
I wander how am I meant to go?

Go??? No No No...
you are meant to follow,
every word I say you are
meant to swallow,
half the attitude is not good enough,
I prefer a clean ass hole...

it's not how I role...
But you will have to
to get this job,
I SAY....

There is no conduct,
these days the way in
is not through my heart but my butt.

BUT... yes... BUTT...
man I could give a FUCK,
would rather rely on LUCK,
but ladies don't run this game,
just men who keep there balls TUCK.

Good posture and well spoken,
but will break you down,
because they've been broken,
torn a new ass-hole,
so will chat SHIT
to those who are wholesome,
Words so healthy I can
re arrange your colon;

No more chatting SHIT,
as I don't tend too,
I leave that to those who have
personalities of toilets,
flush you, pain in my ass
if you're a log, drain you out,
so you don't float too the top.

not going to sniff your LINE,
never cue up for something that isn't mine,
knowing when I get to the end its a waste of time;

Because there is no job
that feels right 
but to write, 
to do a 9-5 
waste chapters of my life... 
I contemplate that 
I'm only on chapter 29,
If I spent years keeping
books for managers, 
would be a victim of 
the suicide line,
so I write lines,
not to think is a crime, 
thought soon will be a crime, 
better do now 
now is the time.

Get in what you put out...

rather be put out of work, 
when I get in I get nothing
and that feeling is worse
when they make you redundant 
realise in that time 
you could have doubled your worth.  

So use to doing me,
can't do anyone else,
if I did, would be harassment
on the 1st degree,
no I don't have a third,
no... no I haven't got GCSE's,
the only paper I need is the one 
I write on, ONE LOVE to the TREES. 


Key skills:
have many linguistics 
from old school yardies, 
to teenagers who are autistic, 
worked with many ages 
made many changes,
un-seen to the average eye, 
but my methods are not of the average guy,
I have many ways to make others 
see a different way of life,

don't STMBLE...
I mean STUTTER..

Let me get out of that 
state of mind,
stay on rhyme; 

   Future prospects:  
 I WRITE... 
To leave a LEGACY,
so I can lead the future children
    to one that is shiny and bright. 
You got the privileged becoming cliche,
so have no true authority,
You got the poor becoming more angry,
and to the privileged they are no priority.

"Qualities of what I see,
to play blind to this will only
mess up the futures reality,
can't argue the truth, so make a
change and higher ME...."

Radical Boulevard, 
Steves of PJDN, 
Timbo the Artist, 
my musical friends@
First and Last,
Neutral Media, 
all references 
are ready on request.   

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  1. Yeah hornet, I hear what your saying bout all the time spent at work and colleagues don't even like the shit if they do then they made a sacrifice as you already know. Yeah and them fake cliche for them children poor up bringing i.e 'get and job' and 'respect the LAW' the same people who wanna see you go down, how funny. Keep writing that realness and save the trees of life god