Sunday, 22 March 2015

Seminar Sunday ... ... With William

I said peace as I past the Church, 
one love to my brothers in the Mosque,
A Spontaneous sunday,
turned into a 
synchronised spiritual sunday
what a dessert it was, 
as all thoughts reflected 
from the speaker  
was the cherry on the top. 

Name William bloom, 
I call him WB, 
hardly know him like that, 
by the end felt like I did
as he shared the same, 
if not similar philosophies.   

Now let me cradle,
as I walk in the room, 
he initiates mediation, 
well I need the shut eye, 
MAN... was it quiet as a tomb.   


How to start this, 
well I got a choice of tickets, 
one from my Big sis Dal from 
the hay 6... Hey 6... 
I know you be reading this... 

Tickets to chics 
or a 
spiritual seminar, 
the choice was both, 
but defiantly the seminar, 
had know idea who one was, 
WAIT... Fuck thinking, 
I just went with heart, 
a room full of educators, 
psychiatrist, midwives, 
all types of smarts;

Academic was not compared 
as most of us shared, 
the same belief, 
showed me there is 
much diversity, 
this would be the type of classes I 
would go to if 
I went to university.

Made some friends, 
Antony the therapist 
and a 
madam named marion,
we walked together to the bus stop,
met her from the beginning,
ice break session,
cold to leave another
accompanied each other 
to the missions end.

Back to WB;

Repetition was his intention;

Now let me cradle,
as I slump in my chair
as I close my eyes 
go to a brighter dimension.  

He talked on compassion
in a practical sense, 
practical methods, 
to overcome the non-sense 
in a working environment, 
MAN... It all had relevance. 

Compassion from william 
does not come in ration, 
un-conscious when he delivers, 
I saw him as rapping 
to my heart beat, 
all though well educated, 
I broke it down to street.

There was 
There was
many minds 
focused breathing.

Now let me cradle,
slump in the chair, 
feel my feet on the floor, 
and the air in my hair; 

With no thought in my head, 
just quiet breathing, 
so quiet you would think 
the room was mourning for the dead;

What a morning....  
a beautiful night, 
I write this to remember the hype, 
a crowd full of strangers is my type, 
a room full of friends acting strange, 
can't let such people slow down my life; 

Now looking at the shadow of my day, 
it seems like it still feel light, 
meditating 4 times a day, 
DAMN... makes your mind feel light...


Before I stop writing,
word to William Bloom
Blooming knowledge
worth reciting, 
one love
thank you for slowing 
down my thoughts as 
in that moment 
they were fast as lightning, 

I bid you fair teachings, 
and thank you for 
my inner is smiling.    

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  1. Beautiful to meet you, Leon. I'm inspired by and grateful for your poetry. Love ya! How do I email you?