Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Teenage Observation... flows for my 2nd wave indigos

I see you come to me with
so much rage,
I know you don't read much
into what I'm saying, 
but ima help you
right this page.

I am a good listener,
you come to me like you lost
but ima make you a boss,
my intention is to make you a winner.

You're not at fault,
I am here to help you fix,
I am your morpheus
you are my potentials
Ima help you out this matrix.

Always talk about your problems,
find it hard to act upon the solution,
Fast generation,
Fast access,
Fast food,
so it's easy to get
caught in the confusion;

See the world in slow mo,
it's not as dredd as you think,
let no skunk weed prevent
you from becoming a rose.

M. D. M. A
 o    e    o   f 
 r     t     r   f 
e    e    e   i
       r          r 
     m        m
      i         a
     n         t
     a         i
         t         o    
      i         n 

You are easily misunderstood
by those growing,
by those who are grown,
so you always feel alone,
parents give you a undermining tone,
so you would rather pick the streets
and strangers than stay at home;

If you stay at home, 
you confide in 
"not giving a shit" idols, 
as you spend time helping them rise, 
who will never be there for your falls;
So don't remain a fool 
let that individual
prepare your life's tools
I am your poetic morpheus 
I can teach you to create and break rules.

Young man, 
have a working plan,
meaning a plan that
works for you to avoid
the orange stripe van.

Young woman,
Enjoy your
natural image,
as you don't want
to rely on nurtured products
when your older
due to skin damage.

Always think the
worlds against you, 
you in a a small town, 
you want to live it big
but roll with a
small minded crew, 
the world is at your
disposal the real 
question is...
what do you want to do?

Do you want
to be ran by men, 
walk your own path? 

do you want to be
told how to think
or follow your own heart?

Random aggression, 
because you have no expression, 
happy when all goes your way, 
but as soon as
life's direction changes 
start acting in the
mode of depression, 
you ignore the ultimate
teacher named
because you don't want to
learn the lesson. 

Going to jail is not learning, 
just a waste of time, 
time does not come sparing, 
you don't care about life 
so of course life will come
at you uncaring.   

The culture you so desire, 
is ran by liars, 
the truth is... 
ima stop there because 
you don't want to hear it...

Na na na... 

For real the truth is, 
you were born to live,
although you
are not afraid to die,
please reduce
the rates of suicide
I need you on my side...
I am not hear to induce
the dark times, 
but bring light
to your gift through
poetic rhymes,
Get at your
poetic preacher 
LE hOrNet
says please reduce
the crimes.

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