Wednesday, 29 April 2015

"Balt"... "I" don't want "more"... STOP or get DROPPED...

"Balt I don't want more,
this is a building war,
if you're awake, would see,
but they put you in a snore,
instead of an overproof plan,
you went to rob over proof 
liquor in the store, 
on the streets,
can you hear the sirens,
I feel mothers crying,
inside they are dying,
son is part of a plan,
executed for perfect timing"

Black Baltimore,
riots in the day were with reason and raw,
because then it was a blatant race war,
although the footage was in black and white...

War then was just black vs white...
yet it was not for 
the days of his mourning 

Coloured times,
now we can see colour,
we still are blind,
yet we have not found
the rainbow,
rain on their own community,
why can't we tie this racism in a bow?

The arrow points at the same people,
penetrates it's target,
as the audience clap
take footage,
the revolution won't be televised,
because only idiots riot,
whilst the wise stay quiet,
shadow tactics,
not lights camera and action.

Mother wants no role
in this act...
a script directed,
another black on the list,
to black list more blacks,
what better way to do it
by the collective...

Blood and Crips unite,
but for the material fight,
no guns, 
news cut,
off camera,
I wander
how many more lost their lives???

Love to the young who went there,
for the real action and not the fun,
but I understand the protection of the mum,
it is her who raised
does not want to see her son set by her side,
but if she wanted to see his intentions
as a man, next time go by his side
for the revolutionary ride.
1968 April,
Martin luther King dies,
the riot was for truth,
2015 April just a bunch
of lost youth, giving
any reason to loot;

Not their fault,
that Ba-crack o-bum-a,
sniffing charlie
as Baltimore burns,
he's making jokes,
saturday night live,
whilst people are losing lives,
man... America why you vote for 
these wrestlers in ties...

Bolt (H)ussein,
he's a dog on a
collar who was
allowed off the leash to play:

Follow Him because he's black,
fuck a politicians colour,
should have never gave him a single vote  
since he has been elected in,
out of that double the black attacks,
people have shown their true colours,
race is now the biggest thing running,
know one seems tired of 
RACE-ing the tracks.

Bill O'rare-up,
Oprah Wimp-frey...
These are the people
who encourage the energy,
you give them more views,
they become part of your identity
these people may appear human,
but underneath are evil entities.

I know what I believe,
not through my eyes,
but my heart can see,
nothing I need to explain,
anyways this isn't about me...

it's now a
balti hot pot,
rage burns in the heart
of the people in the city,
I saw some images of positivity,
like a young boy giving water
as well as the residents standing
in front of the police,
these are the middle minds,
on the front line actually
backing their community.

So easy to focus on the negative,
especially if thats all we see
through "THEIR" lens,
than of course our vision will be bent,
going around the rest of your life telling
anyone who don't resemble you "get bent"

not trying to speculate,
in the spec of the media,
it's not too late
to prevent this
marshall law.

London to U.S,
the collective are more aware,
this can only go on for so long,
broken old men cigar smoke,
young have the lungs
ready to...

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