Sunday, 19 April 2015

Circus Circuit

Today is sunday,
instead of a church,
I go to the circ...
us, me and the family,
to show them
spiderman and spider-women
bringing it to reality.

Nothing but acrobats,
what beautiful movements
brought by each acts,
the funny interlude man,
Charlie Chaplin movements,
dancing, jumping rolling,
throwing and catching his hat.

Always wanted to go to a circus,
but only imagined Dumbo making
animals do death defying acts so they
can put on a show...

No No No...

No lion tamers,
clowns obviously scare children,
it was nothing but a ballet recital
with joy and jokes,
laughter, so they brought the healing.

I sit there and admire:

Admire the dancers,
adult humour mixed with
messages for future children,
through dialog and flexible answers.

Showing the potential of the body,
although specially trained,
letting you know,
if you work for it,
it will work for you...
just believe
you'll be sure to succeed.

Classical Circus
Music was classical,
gramophone put me in the zone,
as I watch the woman in red swing
in an endless spiralling up
and down the rope;

She got me in a trance,
mesmerised was my glance,
such lightness when she dance,
take away any heavy thoughts,
especially the I cants.

Swan Lake,
with humour,
the nut cracker
of the future,
many of the males
got cracked on their nuts
most of the act with the
expressions of ohhh... ahhh...
bringing constant laughter.

Tetris Team work,
as they stack and catch
each other on their shoulders,
clearly these people are light
as bricks or the bottom guy is
strong as 3 boulders;

All I know,
most acts were light as bubbles,
floating mid air
rain dancing
to moving music,
which create internal puddles.

Getting on spring boards, 
working off trust, 
2 would jump,
whilst 1 had to be 
the perfect judge,
the jury clapped
for every catch
individual act
who performed
a unique acrobat.

7 wishes,
7 acts
the 7th day,
7 foot leaps
to summersaults
all over the stage.

They are life inspiration,
it's got my daughter jumping
instead of flicking
looking for a T.V station;

This is physical action,
not stagnant imagination.

Jumping Spider as I write,
he feels the energy I brought
back from the outside,
listening to Russian Waltzes
as I type,
as I reminisce the daily events,
which will make me dream tonight;

Loose-id dreaming about the women
who kept it tight on the rope,
they were dope, high without getting high,
she inhaled and exhaled,
leaving the audience to choke,
after her act the interlude man left us
with the giggles adding more jokes.

Moscow state,
thank you for the experience,
all truly talented
my children's children
will watch your children
and watch their brilliance.

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  1. Well built poem but no circus is safe for animals anymore especially in other countries where practices can't be tracked.