Saturday, 18 April 2015

Ego... i'll speak from your flow...

Although seen as a hero,
I am heart by nature,
but recently been nurturing
my ego...

The beauty of this entity
crisis identity?

I have always been in control,
so need know one to counsel me,
I can break a man like joker
and make you see this crazy reality,
which if I may add is more sane to me;

Semantics has relevance,
but not if you have a degree,
speak only about the word,
not the world,
my ego will always disagree,
because it can tell you're limited,
as you speak with words that trap you,
only the heart can set you free.

Friends love to see my ego,
Because they want to feel intelligent,
my ego counters their intelligence
puts them back to zero.

Think before you speak, 
by heart I am a meek, 
but if you have a strong head, 
my ego will make you know 
you are weak.

Ego is not my friend,
My ego is a defence,
you poke it more than once,
Ima poke back,
let's have a game of fence,
I will penetrate your armour,
my emotions I do not harbour,
I give gems not pearls,
my heart is now protected
by the ego's shell.

People use to call me insane, 
thanks to fight club
I realise people are that much 
more lame, 
telling me I am crazy, 
because they're to lazy to understand 
the voice in their brain.

People love to challenge my mind, 
what lives behind, makes the not wanna 
bout, because you said something that 
I opposed, now you live in doubt,
tell me to calm down,
when you brought the shout.

My ego is very much verbal, 
in certain situations 
finds it hard to keep it's cool, 
has the power to solve big problems, 
especially when those make me feel 
even more small...


My ego with a million words can
break you in fragments no matter
if your tall
you can brawl,
ego will battle
any mind,
any body,
my ego is my hearts wall,
my heart is sensitive,
people wanna come hard,
so the ego is on the defensive;

It put me on stage in front of strangers, 
made it easier to defend myself from haters, 
it help me identify 
who are heart people 
who were potential traitors.  

My ego has made people cry,
My heart felt their tears,
but my ego, said "They deserve it"
and in that second my tears would dry,
somedays my ego is the one that drives;

Drives me crazy,
drives my words,
somedays I aint me,
in those ego moments,
will be the choice to either
ride with it or hate me.

My ego has change 
the course of thoughts,  
made people cry at the 
same time realise, 
I am truthful by heart
so will use my ego to 
reverse the lies in your life, 
say it with aggression, 
people abuse, 
when you're to nice.   

When others ego argued,
if my heart had enough,
my ego will take full flow,
take you from mind level,
down to the heart and eventually
break your soul, leave you buried
with a barrage of words,
here take the spade
start digging your own hole.

I am a living fight club,
fighting myself,
sometimes I wait for the voice
to make the choice;

so far they are wise,
like Tyler Durden,
changed the thoughts
of so many lives,
now they want to join
me, but it's not me,
ego is what they love,
in truth I need a hug,
once a lost boy with an imagination,
my imaginary friend is now the soul
controller of my immediate destination.

My ego can crush,
My ego can heal,
My ego can bring life,
My ego will never kill;

Because I have the hearts will,
so to the ego I will never yield,
will never use it as a weapon,
but more as my hearts shield.

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  1. Nice write! I'm not sure my ego is always felt so strongly but it's an important part of me. Enjoy your day!