Saturday, 11 April 2015

Random Days With Hornet...

was testing, 


was wild, 

but let me start with...


The usual work day, 
Running with the children, 
playing games, 
as they skate with long 
construction blocks, 
building confidence 
as well as tunnels. 

Staff give me some moral, 
this gives me a boost, 
feeding turbo to my ego, 
but I am still acting at heart.

After work, 
I see my mum and my girlfriend, 
shopping but I am their so 
we can meet my girlfriends friend, 
so I can take her son on a hornet training date,

Same date... day...
and an hour later...

I run with her friends son, 
playing football,
freestyle training games,
testing their running as I pant
knowing I am coming of age, 
it is this experience, 
which keeps me young, 
that's the cure for wrinkles, 
stretch with the children;

I am his mentor,
I give him the attitude 
of the sport,
my son gives me attitude,
because I am dad...
wait no... 
because he is in front of his friend, 

His friend gives him encouraging words, 
a friend for life as they go through 
the teenage strife, but he will have it 
easier with a friend like that by his side. 


Within work, 
I strike a conversation, 
within the battle of accents,
the war of our words, 
eventually won me a victory 
paragraph to a book I am writing, 
and to think most our days we just
read children stories, but within my 
workplace I am allowed to write mines. 

After work a 2 hour walk 
with my Buddha buddy, 
a distance walk, 
with long conversations, 
we answer each others minds, 
with heart felt words, 
we use the word manifest 
and when we got to the end 
of our journey a new one begins 
with my kindred Shiv, 
to think I mentioned him yesterday, 
telling set person, I really need to 
see him...

Me and Shiv have a 
post birthday celebration, 
a quick summers beer by the 
bus station, because he had to 
go to certain destination, 
but destiny changed our fate,  
we talk to young gypsies who 
asked to by us cigarettes,
we said 
"be careful who you talk too,
you may be conned by the wrong men."

As I go from their with a rant,
he is unsure of my words, 
Shiv gives the a definition of me,
which eventually made them see, 
they went home that day with a new 
thought because I made time to speak. 

Me and Shiv part 
but to 
re-connect tomorrow...


Morning breakfast with the family,
no food in the house
we gotta feed the young mouths,
so we go somewhere healthy,
it cost but we paid just to 
spend some time together...
 relationship building is important to me,
I had the avocado spread 
on homemade bread,
I brought it for the omega 3...

It's 3pm when I get to Shiv's, 
we start the party with brandy, 
after a couple of shots, 
we take word shots with freestyles, 
the whole moment was nothing but smiles, 
as he gives me a salad fro my journey, 
shadow boxing to tunes of the 90's; 

I hardly dance, 
but I know how to 
move my body, 
just get intimidated
by women easily, 
I can't help if my 
knees go wobbly.  

Fast forward, 
after Shiv's 
I am on the stage free styling, 
on the spot request, 
but I was with Shiv 
so although he 
could not come, 
he was there;

Me a my G Omeza
ripping a 20 minute set, 
warm up for caxton press,
DJ playing consistent instrumentals, 
testing our adaptation and mental, 
as I learn to adapt my vocals, 
lucid when I speak
dreaming ideas as I am rapping
but two of us back to back 
brought people from the back, 

We were received well 
it gave me a beautiful feeling, 
especially when french people, 
start expressing their love 
because they liked 
what they were seeing, 
the filled in the gap 
maybe forget about those 
who do not believe in.. 
It does not matter at this moment, 
new fans were in the building
and our words were the blocks,
its love when they don't want you to stop.

MAN it's
Sunday 3am

Let me call it a night,
or morning, 
I really need to
stop writing mind, 
stop writing... 
I nee to rest my voice, 
maybe the HORNET will 
steel honey from the BEES. 


"Days lived,
Days are gifts,
Days should be filled,
or endure the rest your days
in holes, being a social light,
in dark rooms packed with people,
still feeling that continuous emptiness,

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