Saturday, 4 April 2015

Sex... I'll try and educate... Hornet more likely elaborate...

an act of love 
it can relieve stress; 

It is no longer an act of love, 
but a show for the world, 
celebrity sex tapes, 
the curtain has been pulled, 
for the up and coming boys and girls. 

Sell it fast, 
don't let them take it slow, 
sell sex young, 
that way most will never grow, 
if you want to park in her lot,
sometimes you're gonna
have to pay the toll.

Sex on T.V, 
Sex in public, 
Sex is not love,
just sperm in a 
rubber bucket.

Sex can be fun, 
but if you don't play the fair, 
will come back later 
effect you in your years. 

I tell you little girl, 
sex is like a train ride, 
most men get to their stop
and just continue life; 

Mistake when it's your 
carriage that is full, 
he ran away 
played the fool, 
new ticket, 
new women 

in short, 
if sex is like a train, 
next time keep your
virgin ticket, travel solo, 
let know man give you 
extra baggage.

Sex is for the nymphs, 
those who had too much to drink,
responsibility is hard to swallow, 
so you ask her to swallow your 
grey matter or the pill that's pink. 

Let's talk about sex,  
but try not to make a baby, 
especially if you know the man 
is non active and he fucks you
because very lazy... 
my words are clear so please 
don't mistake them as crazy...

Sex young boys 
is not just a bunch of 
un-balanced emotions 
your counter part making 
her false noise.

Sex can have connection, 
way beyond an erection, 
you can heal another 
if it's your intention. 

It is a chemical mix, 
build up, to get me up, 
you better know whats up, 
hell... I will never be down
my snake will stay below ground; 

Pleasure one way is not pleasure 
at all, 
just a moment to feel loose as I 
drill your soft wall, it was your plastered 
face that gave me the call, 
who new you were engaged, 
sex me just to let off some rage,
because your husband kept you in a CAGE; 

How many even use them?
the problem these days,
you can get your head knocked
off 3 times, 
when you piss, 
start bleeding.

Lets talk about sex,
I love it when you whisper in my air, 
not make noises on air just to get that cheque. 

A society where sex is temporary pleasure, 
but leads to long term pain, 
you get it from similar sources, 
eventually all just taste the same, 
I would fire her up add some seasoning,
see if she got the potential to be my twin flame; 

That sound so corny, 
only to the man that feel horny, 
so will be lonely by the age of forty, 
so will the women of lust as they thought,
"FUCK the NICE GUY... NO... Im going 
too fuck the one that's NAUGHTY" 

Not hear to give you advice,
just a reference for the young, 
be careful with sex, it is an act 
that is part of, 
but also has the power 
to make life,  
sex has the power to cure your lust 
make a potential wife,
sex is more dominant in others, 
so be careful where you drive; 

Some diseases are a one way street, 
find a two way partner who is clean, 
but if you cannot control your urges, 
find a hobby that will let off some steam,
not engage in the moment of heat, 
scratching and burning, 
how many times you wanna 
go back for that cream? 

Sex can be an exercise, 
make others go into ecstasy,
use it as a healing
tap into your kundalini energy.   

"Love is not an act,
nor a show,
one secret love is more dominant, 
than telling a million 
sex stories,
which are just come and go. 

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