Sunday, 26 April 2015

Spring Cleaning, clearing my daze...

"Spring Cleaning,
clearing my daze,
clearer house,
means clearer days,
clean to remove memories,
clean because you got energy,
better clean the first moment
it gets messy,
so I spring clean,
so I can have my summer dream,
by winter all will be so serene,
when autumn comes round,
give it another screen"

De clutter... 
Not just my home,
but my thoughts, 
clearing up, 
not only things 
I want out my home,
but cleaning up the vibe 
with those in my home;
For the first time in months, 
we work together, 
clearing all over the house 
around the home 
under the children's bunk,
team work was in full effect, 
as we do the job with humour, 
not the other H none of us had a hump.

She Goes to get the modem, 
I begin sieving around 
trying to find storage for my infinite 
pile up of papers,
that's when the mission started,
spring clean commence, 
because I am looking for 
a particular chapter.

Feeling like the urban santa clause, 
carrying a sack of teddies 
to the toy bank, 
spring cleaning 
for winter season; 

Christmas must have come early, 
put my daughters scooter down stairs,
when I got round two of the bags was 
no longer there, 
she's up graded to a skateboard, 
so it's only fair, give someone else fun
their happiness adds to my daily karma...

But I do not give to get universal honour,
it's an honour to give,
if you have more than you need,
let someone else get the benefit...

On the way to the toy bank,
we find one pound, 
seems everything is in sound, 
angles help us walk 
and give me that extra strength 
when I drag the big bag 
of toys on the ground; 

Daughters baby doll
got in the pile, 
mother get's it back, 
holding it under my 
neck with my zip as support, 
visions of a number 3, 
not now obviously, 
I am trying to live my dream,
she's in university,
but that moment I saw a little girl, 
if all goes well, won't have to imagine her but 
she will become a reality.   
Now to get a well earned breakfast, 
walk to Tesco, to get beans, feel like 
runner beans, 
running like I am full of beans,
we brought a bottle of wine, 
multiple greens, 
multiplying vitamins, 
we need to fuel up, 
it's been a long morning mission.

We get home with the intention to eat, 
but continued to clean, 
hunger was not the problem, 
our home needed digesting, 
so much SHIT in the bowels
of our home, me and her were 
the laxative, fast release action,
I STOP and stare...
Seeing her this productive, 
is giving me a new founded attraction;

In my Daze, 
could not hear our buzzer
in our phase,
engineer for sky,
she got the router
earlier, not only did
he diagnose the problem, 
the fact he was late was a blessing, 
got all our problems sorted, no recalls, 
the mission was just progressing.


It comes to the afternoon, 
she goes to her mum, 
I continue clearing up 
with my son
mentally and physically, 
teaching him how to be an 
adult simultaneously.

He's listening and re assuring 
me of my vision, so I feel at 
ease as he gets on with the clean, 
helping me in and out of the kitchen, 
both cutting, discussing;
Beyond the hard lessons 
is an easy conversation, 
son, father combo, 
I speak to him way more, 
so I can get to know; 

Teaching me more 
about his character, 
mini version, 
with slightly altered genes,
he has good quality 
in a world full of counter fits, 
because those parents 
are mis fitted, mis matched, 
so sad most children are born 
because most had 
a lustful scratch... 

I'm off Poem, 
back to the night...

One of my creative brothers
pass by, not to say hi,
he spoke very clear,
the hype when I heard
what We W15 were saying
through the HI-FI;

He compiled...
I ain't gonna speak about that,
you will hear it soon...

The drunken but happy
girlfriend stumbles in,
with a loud intro after a 
quiet flow, but she just being
her happy self over express
through the alcohol, 
if anything was adding more jokes, 
even with her 1am overtones, 

Tell a drunk girl shhhhhhh,
She is more 
Louder if you had 
just listen to her in the first place.  

Let me end this poem, 
before my ego starts 
takes over
starts getting me off topic, 
but to put me on 
another point, 
pointing fingers, 
but not to judge, 
maybe give 
YOU a trial, 
I tried all 
I will continue to
do it with a smile
with style. 

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