Wednesday, 27 May 2015

From The kitchen To The Bedroom

No one wanted to see his light,
they were trapped in their own shadows,
He was always keeping it real,
only realised it was they who were the ghost;

Always under bed sheets,
Always sleeping in,
Always eating in the bed,
the floor was their bin...

So obviously life was garbage,
always wanted to add
never pick up the rubbish...

You could say they always looked
for a cleaner, weather it was mum,
brother, sister, they really never liked
to clean up their own mess;
they abused kindness and now kindness
has given them their last breath...

These people were beautiful,
never saw a dull moment,
just marvelled in all it's glory,
they became characters of his story...

Truly inspirational they all are,
He wonder if they knew?
now too put this in a
pad that's white,
and a
pen that's blue.

He thought it's a gift too
see the holes, without having,
to feel it under a bosses asshole,
sucking up is the only way up,
climb the ladder... blah blah blah...

But really it is a gift to see the holes,
so you can fill them in like filler
deal with some nuts and bolts,
everyone was a broken house;

Some were creaky floors,
So people would have 
to sneak around them...

Some were leaking roofs,
so would have to prepare an umbrella,
you never knew when they 
would turn on the water works;

Like a child with a scrapped knee,
to him many were still young because
it was a ME ME ME...
but to him it was a
Crossed pollen with many
flowers of beauty,
yellow gets him on the go,
but all the yellow 
could not compare
because he only
has one Rose...

People were something special,
something very incredible,
he had to log down these encounters,
it is because of them, they added more
to his character;

For too long has he been
his main character,
so thus would never...
I mean ever be an actor...

He laughed as most people
were clowns on stage,
juggling many jobs
statuses, who cares if they
could not afford it,

I mean... IT LOOKED GOOD...
but it really is a bad lifestyle...

He had to separate himself,
and yes... he was seen as crazy,
hard to read, but most thought
they could predict...

But very unpredictable he was,
made him the more mysterious,
he would travel many groups
and stay the same, too most that
is delirious...

As they play the ass
like Eddie Murphy,
they really he made him Shr(i)ek;

None the less he was know ones mule,
he would keep a balance lifestyle between
creativity as long as he pad the rent and got
a good meal...

Hot or cold did not bother him,
he exercised his mind
whilst the others went to the gym...
that reminds him...
he needs to learn to swim;

He has drowned in others opinions
for too long,
but soon it will be the others
who understand his song...
he sang it since the day you knew...
hence why everyday is a new,
never to be repeated, just lived once,
never to look behind... because life is in front...



I just did... where did this writing start,
one minute, I gotta sort out dinner,
then... POOF...
wrote this without much

Congrats if you got this far,
I will finish with that
I have know ending too this,
because I don't know
where this poem even starts?

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