Thursday, 28 May 2015

Hornet nursery rhyme

Twinkle Twinkle
you are little stars,
we don't pepper them
pigs or drive rusty cars.

We row row row are
boats gently down the stream,
because one day we know we will
reach that island of our dream.

Little Bunnies there is no need to
go to sleep, hop hop hop,
until you put holes in your feet. 

Humpty Dumpty fell off the
wall, moral of that story,
no one can fix your problems,
get up and stand tall, never let
them tell you that you're small.

Jack and Jill ran up the hill,
a dumped a bucket of water,
the ice was cold, over their head
and they didn't donate a quarter.

London bridge is falling down,
London is just grey and brown,
bus fair... goes up yearly; 

London's burning, 
London's Burning,
Poor are yearning, 
fire fire, 
pour them fluoride, 
block their 3rd eye, 
block their 3rd eye.       

Hot cross buns,
pork glazed buns,
one a penny,
put 4 pounds
on your tumz.

Ring a round the roses,
a poppy full of cocaine
a tissue a tissue as I
bleed from my brain.

I put my left foot in
left my right foot out,
in out, in out,
wondering is this the job
I'm about, so I done the
Hocey Cokey and turned around,
made the right decision and that's
what it's all about. 

Hickory dickory dock we need
not run up the clock, life aint time,
life is fine, your are the key
to the futures lock.

Ba Ba Black sheep
I'm not picking wool,
no sir no sir I'm no fool,
none for the master,
one for the new born,
more for the poor man
sleeping on the floor. 

Incy wincy spider climbed the water spout,
the rain couldn't stop him persistence is
the way young sprout,
eat your brussel sprouts,
medicine aint always good,
vegetables will help your blood better
than any sweet ever could.

Rain Rain go away, 
but it's the trees that 
prefer you to stay, 
me and my friend use to 
run in you and play. 

Wave good bye, Wave goodbye, 
but stop by my blog if you want 
to re read other poems and say HIGH... 

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