Friday, 8 May 2015

Le... Just Play...

I am to caring,
people talk with love,
but find it hard to pass
the first stage of love,
which is sharing.

Love given,
with no love received,
it's sad that love can't be shared,
because most harbour greed,
ask you for a apple
and you give it willingly,
they eat the whole thing
and spit you out the seeds;

But ima grow them...
As I see love is not
between your core,
but emotions of magma,
held in anger,
when one interrupts,
you erupt, you wanna
suck my blood like a vampire.

Love I am willing to give,
but as it was in your time
now I need it in mine,
hard to tell
that's the moral you live.

I am willing to guide
your lost thoughts,
but if you find I am to honest
than you gonna have to build a fort,
defence is what most are taught,
I do not attack intentionally,
but if you say the wrong
thing you will get caught;

too long I have been
trapped in the ego,
Le hornet is his name,
better get to know,
once I get on that flow,
theres no stopping
you will want me to go,
or not let me go,
you fell in love with the L.E..go,
seems like when I give you my heart,
you would rather leave it broke,
I am a magician with my persona,
so all you see is clouds,
whilst you smoke.

Your personality is not
hard to breakdown,
as I have fixed up,
been through a full enough experience,
I may have to empty your cup.

understand it is not
I who chose this gift,
I'm happy I got it,
"but GOD
why oh why,
do you make it so hard
to live with?"

Answer that later,
let me deal with the experience
of Earth bound minds,
same time search those who are celestial,
been wise for too long,
now let play the fool,

April I May release this,
March I wrote this,
probably won't even read it,
skim and look for stand out messages,
more than 3 I hit
wait a few moments and watch my poetic
brethren throwing them google pluses.

Once you get to know me,
will find many complexities,
in which it is in that I alter your reality,
it's magic when you know your cool,
but only referred to as crazy;

Crazy because I choose
to live like me,
crazy because I do not conform to
this modern slavery,
crazy because it's out of your norm
then it's normal to be crazy,
if not for the insane,
world would be a boring factory,

a few are boxed
lifting boxes,
boxing with themselves,
boxed in themselves...

Box is getting smaller,
tall buildings
making me
feel small,
even worse people have
the personality of an office cubical,

"don't panic breathe
imagine yourself under a tree,
writing poetry in the sunset
with autumn leaves,
nature songs,
can you hear the
birds and the bees"


apologies to the readers,
I must have when on track,
I was saying...
about being crazy,
or was it lazy,
urm... something like that...

Let me end it by saying...
"na, I started like that, then the brain took over"

Always remember
"I remember I had a point... what was it?"

what I am trying to say is...
"yeah that's the one"

What I am trying to say is...
enjoy the poem... just enjoy the poem...
I'm done trying to  end this,
can you please stop typing...

point of this poem is to encourage myself to keep writing 
and remember where all my thoughts were at one point of time, 
this being one of them, I would look at this and laugh, 
how funny my mind was then,,, 
anyways all thoughts are owned, mastered 
and all publishing WrITes are possession of 
LE hOrNet 
may only be used for inspirational purposes only. 

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