Sunday, 10 May 2015

Number 1UP... To My GREEN Mushroom...

You are and I let you be,
I give you all I know,
but I have no idea how
you think in these days and time.

I am a broken man, 
so some of those segments
pour on to you boy; 

My son,
I am but a learner,
you teach me more
than I thought I knew,
my father although powerful,
rarely had a clue,
but I will say he was clued...

Not just another man,
he done well even if I
was not part of his plan;

This is not about my deliverer,
it's about you my little winner,
who cares who feels I am a loser,

No more will their opinions
make me sway, if they really knew me,
would know I have come a long way,
but they're still big men being young boys
still want to play,
they will never understand the role of a
man until their Birth date...

I have been broken,
from my home to my zones,
you still see I am a king
you're next in throne;

Take care of your queen,
she is a mother who will
bring you great luck,
never to leave you stuck,
so please understand when
her and my long wind wisdom,
is so when you're older,
you don't blow your house down.

I know I can be hard,
I rarely got a soft touch,
but it does not mean I do
not love you that much;

My words can hurt,
but you know I they are hear to guide,
I never want to make you cry,
when I speak is so you can fly Hye. 

A man of so many words,
Son I know you find it hard to speak,
strong as I feel with other children,
not understanding you makes me feel weak.

Me and you have the relationship
like the
pursuit of happiness
as I pursuit happiness
in this madness,
do anything,
so you understand bliss,
but also make you aware
of the grass lands you live,
underneath it all,
make sure you're ready
for snakes that will hiss.

Strange what I thought
I would make,
would be perfect...
But in this world it is you who will
become what I expect even if our
relationship is on turbulence;

Hate to see you shake,
news brings tremors
like Kevin Bake...
but if there is one thing you must
know if unsure in your ten year old state,
you must know you are not a mistake.

You will win,
even if others thought i'd lose,
you will prove them wrong
make them change their views;

wrong window of friends,
thought they would be there
until the end...

Alas it is a
new beginning,
new people,
new missions,
love to those who
kept close
help me through the visions;

The ones I did not see,
The ones you have expressed
through past experience,
thus gave me your degree,
1st or 3rd the fact you shared
made it easier to understand
his reality and balance my sanity.

So son... shine,
rain if you must,
bring the thunder,
I will take all weathers,
regardless as I am now
and forever...


"I know I have not been the best,
it is not for others to tell me I am,
until you give me that approval,
I will let you go forward, until you
prince tell me I am worthy of the crown"

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