Sunday, 31 May 2015

Self... It's all About Me... MEaning you...

Selfies Selfish Snaps;

Selfie me this
Selfie me that,
how can one person
take a million snaps?

So much effort for a pose,
I am referring to the
pre before you post,
outfits laid out
the angles that disguise
your nose
the outfits or lack of;

"Little girl and old mum,
put on some clothes
instead of looking for men,
because most men
are looking for hoes.

Not to selfie
"High cliffs are risks 
just for a popular status"

It's not bad to love you,
it's better to love in twos,
single photo,
single lifestyle,
single is all people
are going to get,
when you get them views.

It's all about me,
one could argue
the case that it isn't,
every time I go down,
my feed, I just see
you you you in my vision.

"Look at me,
Look at me,
tell me Facebook friends
do you LIKE what you see,
because I really love myself,
if you come to my house,
it's and extension of Instagram
on my shelves"

Note to selfie,
"Vanity is not healthy"

Man men are no better,
body shots, just so they
can get a girl wetter,
dry personality in reality,
stupid, brawn, but most
girls don't like cleaver;

Images in your rental,
in the corner of the club,
why not get another in the
shot or instead of taking photo shot's,
take shots of Bacardi at the bar.

Photo over here,
but no one even there,
just you, the background,
I think I saw someone's ear.

Note to selfie,
"Obsession to please others,
only brings about bad lovers"

Narcissism is nasty,
makes for one bad party,
always want to take,
but never give,
but will soon see the outcome
of such selfishness.
Selfie slaves,
I challenge you NOT
to take a selfie for 365 days,
put your emotions in words,
to be honest I am sick of seeing
your face, if I accumulate the number
of photos in hours, it would seem,
you have time to waste...

To all you Dorian Grays,
you will find your pictures
reveal your true age,
especially when you take
that paint off your face.

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