Saturday, 23 May 2015

Success At My Best

I got my own,
although not rich yet,
my inspiration is
seen and known.

My work is never done
after I finish work,
got a pile up of more words;

when I skateboard home,
physical exercise so my brain
remains in the 
active and ambitious zone

Saying that I never rest,
when people are dreaming
just to dream,
the hornet is working
on how to manifest,
work hard in my sleep
double it up when I rise,
determined to get that bread;

Buttered by me,
not get the toast from a boss,
because I did not take none
of his chocolate spread.

working multiple jobs
will not accumulate victory,
to truly feel successful,
one must fall,
rise again, master his locks
eventually will get his triumph key;

Success will
open many doors,
get you walking
on many floors,
people may want a piece,
so tell them
how you got yours,
after the experience
let the ones who
strive for success
know the chores.

To get the success deal,
one must listen
to successful people;

Tupac was one of mine,
he gave me the understanding,
if you want to progress,
better know your heart,
on all his beats
in his breath showed you
if you want it,
you better prepare for stress.
Some are born with parents
who already have succeeded,
those who are not,
want the quick route,
but to succeed,
hard work is needed;

After hard work,
of course you will prosper,
all you ever wanted,
will come to you
that little more.

In the mirror that reflects,
make sure it is the smile
of success,
I know the feeling
of non achieving
but do not
let it get you depress.

I may not have made
a million pounds,
but inspired over
a million ideas,
mused many young
people over the years,
success is no doubt measured
with money,
but to succeed you must be willing
to overcome your fears.

"Success has no rest
but many tests,
to succeed you must bleed
and proceed,
successfulness is coolness,
it will not be a breeze,
but after you win will feel
like the coolest"

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