Thursday, 21 May 2015

What a walk with the rainbows...

He is a little experience,
but the conversation we had,
made him seem like he had years,
though only 3,
has no deep focus on fears,
but what he sees,
everything is a new perspective,
by speaking to him I found out
this young man is a feeling detective.

Small for his age,
big feelings,
some of them he likes to play,
who doesn't when they
want their own way,
child is a typical boy,
but a conversation,
which would be hard to relay,
will now change my perception,
from THIS DAY...

Destination is the park,
which was a nice day,
get out of the work cage,
stretch my body more,
had that morning skate,
keeping it slow pace,
could care less about the people,
when I skate it's like I am in my
own capsule, time does not exist,
so thus nor does any asshole.

Anyways forget that last part of the stanza,
let me continue the feeling,
and maintain poetic pace (P&P)...

We get to the park (<- another="" font="" look="" p="">
we run on grass,
children were like,
I saw you go fast,
in truth I was running
at their pace, found a few
would dominate a race,
little girl came second,
but she was picking up,
the boy was just that
extra determined you could
see it in his face.

Also it's one of my ninjas last day,
a ninja is a student of mine
they get the hornets grade,
rewards and good talks,
no matter what they have a good play,
with new ideas I plant within their brain,
through story telling,
they love to be entertained
and I do not mind to entertain,

So I give him a hornet graduation,
left him with a card with words of motivation.


When we get to the park set,
I got warned,
not to over climb
because I am
a role modle,
copying is inevitable,
it feels good
word to my young ninjas,
making me feel too cool for school. 
(I am though).

So I go in and out
as I hear my name gets shouts,
from all wanting to show me
what they were about,
I go from the swings
to the roundabout,
pushing and a little jumping,
so the boys know how I get down,
when they go to school,
be like
"I met spider man,
except he was brown"


I know
dear children
you see my glow,
colour is not a factor,
no make up,
colour blind,
children just want to know
you hear their mind,
pay them mind,
the fact is,
it's your parents
that may be the assholes...

SHIT... Thats twice, now thrice,
Ima have to write a P.G
version or alter in the re type...
whatever this is the hornet hype...


Point of the POEM...

The inspiration and admiration starts...
HERE... HEAR it... it's worth it...

O.K... Ego gone... heart back on...

The park ended,
played a game of chase,
building better friendships,
I'm know teacher I tell them,
I will endure in your hardship,
make sure you sale easy,

Just know...

Hornet listens to the young,
and they cry about the things,
we as adults hold our tongue,
so never see life to be fun,
would rather go into a confession booth
spill your pains to a nun...

I heard this boys feelings,
I had to react beyond my job,
I only gave him what he already knows,
with simple story meanings
multiple combos of healing's,
he healed I as I healed him.

When speaking to him,
he gave me a new sense,
beyond common sense,
this was a moment where
there was no need for false pretence,
nor the curriculums nonsense,
I had nothing but focus in his sentence.

How did this conversation start,
by now... those who read me,
know I get sporadic with my art...


We walked past a teenager who was
late, he said "that girl looks sad"
in other words
she does not have a happy heart...

I proceed to speak...
he says many things of sadness,
for his young tender age,
gone through many experiences,
and my job is to know this...

But he took me beyond my role,
no longer a model,
but a moment of clarity,
although he spoke about sadness
most of the way,
in the end he defined a higher reality...
He took a look at a strangers state
after reflecting upon happiness,
he said...

"When I am older I am going to make her happy
and not just her all those around me..."

"The children of care are here,
if you listen, you will hear,
because their message is clear,
crystal some maybe,
rainbow possibly,
but what I do know they are here
and I would advise you to see,
they come in many colours,
and they feel... they feel and intend
to help the others"

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