Saturday, 13 June 2015

Moment With My Morning Mind

As I sit hear listening 
to Miles Davis,
My mind going a 
mile a minute...
So whats on it? 

People chatting shit,
well where I live,
seems anyone outside,
is willing to leave a comment
and know that I got a gift.

Hate because I don't exaggerate,
everything I write questions their fate,
prefer me to lie, truth tends to burn their state;

State U.S a country going down,
fuck if the president is brown,
wait... he the same colour as the shit
he speaks, fuck politic all in all,
and young one don't get caught in the streets.

death to me so be deaf,
my truth is the type that can bring
fear on your final breath...

When you die,
you going underground
or aiming for the sky? 

Not a subject I want to cover,
see it everyday... like...
you hear what happen to that brother...

Same news.. people with the same views,
watching the same box,
sitting their sniffing their armpit 
can't be bothered to change their socks.

People act real when they see your deal,
Thats a fake... 
these days is so easy too spot a snake.

A woman asked me advice,
gave it to her and she said, 
"why did you say that?"
I thought... she replied
"you don't think"
what I thought is maybe
she needs a stiff drink;

Something that will knock her out,
so when she awakes, 
be like... what did I say... to drunk
to remember and get on with a new
emotion and a new day;

Hornet remedy,
a good video game
and some Bacardi,
don't talk ... just play.

Writer by day,
writer by night,
read in between,
but articles of
inspiration and insight.

I am a poet full of quotes,
man more than most,
people will not fin it easy
to speak every sentence,
sound like I am a boast,
because all they ever talk
are subjects that they far
from know, so in conversation
with me can never feel close.   

I can agree,
but when I disagree,
your opinion sounds like
nothing but trap words,
trapped in an argument,
mum told me walking away
is the key... unlock the door,
SHIT your words aren't pure.

Man... So hard to find a good conversation,
without it ending in ego or exaggeration...
E.G "My life is crap" 
then you say 
"did you ever think you made it like that?

friend for a moment of time,
when your clock gets more busy,
you eventually get arrogant saying to
your new group, you don't need me...

Real people can be daunting,
that is why the fake 
are always taunting,
but every somewhat years 
reality needs a calling,
I heard her, 
they herd sheep, 
so people are forever bleak.

Friends can't be friends,
how you going to claim friendship,
missed my middle and only visited me
when I was at my end,

New beginning...
But i cant start again...

My observation is experience,
I observed people want deliverance,
christ would come down again,
he's not gonna pretend,
not add you as a friend,
Because he will be CROSS...

Need I speak on such,
yeah, it's my god given gift,
with the devils twist,
lower beings hate when,
your on top
know you're about the uplift...

This is what my morning mind
really thinks,
to early to go shop 
get a few drinks,
up from the AM hours of 6,
no milk for my weetabix,
butter for my toast,
poetry is my breakfast,
I can have many bowls.

I hear young children rising,
better stop this writing,
I can eat my words all day,
but they need something,
so let me stop reciting
let them get something for
them to bite in.

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