Friday, 19 June 2015

Stop shooting...

Stop shooting up white
through your veins ,
Stop shooting black children
bringing grey pains.

Stop shooting movies
with no message,
Stop shooting photos
of young girls with cleavage.

"They shooting"
that's what Nas said,
"made you look"
why would you wanna shoot
a world-star hip hop video
of another shooting
another brother in the head.

if you live by the gun,
then you gonna die by
a pointless war,
rich use them for hunting,
seems the poor just kill the poor.

I got that biscuit
and turn him into crumbs,
manz holding that heat
like I gotta million suns,
word play so limited all I
can talk is guns;

Gun play in music is getting long,
same lyrics but in a different song,
children who no no better,
don't know you're a sit down fool,
but with the right beat will dance along.  

Shooting in the news,
increase by the police,
seems like they think they 
are the saint and the rest outside
of them are the beast;

Shoot to kill,
KKK pass that bill,
Kill Klux Klan,
kill only what is dark,
let them know this is our land;

Land them all over the world,
where ever we put them,
make sure we give them hell,
Fire them from jobs,
Fire them with bullets,
make the feel dead,
make them know their worthless.

The Gun is the same colour
as the people, 
almost like a form of symbol,
black gun for black man,
my theory, 
but it seems like that is the deal.

Shoot a ball,
don't shoot your brother down,
there was a reason why he was tall,
shoot for protection,
not a gang initiation,
you nothing but a fool,
just know your race is getting small;

Small talk from a man 
who don't share the same walk,
but if in your shoes...
it would be the same fate,
united states never ever liked
those with the opposite face,
why they are the hunters 
blacks are put on the chase...

They know blacks can run,
sometimes out run bullets,
so they empty a whole clip,
as long as they hit at least one,
serious situations are not accounted for,
if you're black they will shoot you just for fun.

Stop shooting,
I would recommend stop looting,
that's another excuse to pull out
bigger weapons and triple the abusing.

Black Thug...
a black man shoots,
that NI$%A was high on drugs
 Caucasian boy shoots a theatre,
seems like he needs a hug...
anyone who shoots at another
for no reason, fuck the colour,
needs some form of love. 

they shot him down,
He hit the ground,
he unloaded more rounds,
that hater shot him down.
The only shot I need to take
is opportunities that come in my life,
aim the football to the goal,
take the rock to the hole,
not leave someone buried in one,
if you gonna take a shot at anything
then at least aim to have some fun.

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