Sunday, 12 July 2015

Friend Groups, Groups Split


I wonder if people remember
the beginning of their journey,
before they completely end it.

Each group has a:

Ego Maniac - Their life is forever defined by control,
the one that wants to see all and be all, being in the unknown,
effects him even being, they need a one up to make sure they
are never down, even if they thrown, will never reveal, they have
to feel like the talk of the town, say whatever as long as it's their
name coming out of your mouth.

"Ego is but the minds shadow,
light in the heart is the essence to true glow"

Beg Friend - This needs no explanation, they go from
person to person, until they find someone who suits
their intentions, laugh needlessly to make sure they get
the attention, every other sentence, will give the alpha
some worldly affection and will agree with all that is
said, the beta may snitch to even get in the alphas head.

"There's only so far you can beg friend,
until many, if not the main person, realizes
you had no real reason, so had no real friendship,
so all will fall fool, with no hand to give you a pick"

Sweet Boy - Curly, over groomed, knows women will
take him back to the room, pay for his service, tell his
friend, "what a hostess, one look got her to undress"
how he went in full attack, no protection, he told all,
the best parts but forgot to mention the infection.

"Sweet face, sour nature, never will know true love,
but you are proud to have a thousand haters"

Backstabber - This is clear, be careful who you let near,
they will use all they know about you, distort it, they can
make those close to you feel you're not sincere, say whatever
it takes to wipe you off the face of the group and still have time
to smile whilst they look themselves in the mirror.

"Front, so you can back-stab, karma will not be gentle,
but will come very vengeful, it will not give you the pleasure 
to warn, but will make your moment very painful"

User - Thy have no say so, will watch how you go, if they see a benefit,
will put you on the dole, if they can make sure you get put in a hole,
why they wish you would die, I dunno, friend jumpers, getting friends jumped,
so he can be on top of the bunch.

"Use, but eventually you will lose, lose the better friends, 
because you thought others can offer you better ends, in the
end saw you were pretend, using is a bad trait and will put you
in a bad state, you know others affairs and say none of yours,
they will realize you use more ears than mouth, had ammo on them
so you can just shoot them out, eventually all will know what your about"

Control freak - No decision, discussion or otherwise will make this person
see through your eyes, blind to opinion as his dares not be swayed, one way,
one way and that's the direction they will take. If all is out of control, will lose their
mind, this will make them less kind, as they will be frustrated the fact that "life isn't mine"
always knotted and frustrated, so stress comes at an earlier time of life.

"Those who live freely still get as much done,
to want total control will limit your fun,
you will get your all as you think you know it all, 
in the group of friendship this one would be more of the wise fool" 

Insecure - The one who will put more on others,
because they don't want to see themselves,
will reflect his lack of control to whoever is close,
never open up about his weakness, emotions he dares not show.

"Why couldn't you just be happy, so what if you couldn't have
it all, why did you make yourself to have more and laugh at those
who had less, now you're fighting with yourself because you want
to fight others, your life is a forever internal war, because you're insecure"

Childlike - The one who refuses to grow up, although may be wise with the times,
wants all to be like it was a new again, eventually everyone moves on and up,
where they still play video games, inviting dames, party until the early trains,
scared to evolve and role with the change.

"It is cool to keep that inner child, with balance of your growing self,
get serious, but not too serious because being too adult like can make
you oblivious, when one gives them self new pressures forget life's precious"

Best friend - The one who will be your ear, whose advice will be clear and
will always be there, unconditionally will always care and help you overcome
what ever you fear, will keep you driven because they will help you steer,
co-captain, always on board and will never get bored, the one friend, who needs
no herd, when one individual is your all, will focus and make sure your heard.

"You are the main friend, the one who will be known from the beginning
and be there in the end, if the code becomes broken, will be an instant enemy,
based on the closeness you shared, so one will be shocked and rather not have
you near, in the case that will not be an issue, be the best you can, because there
is no friend like a best friend to be your hard rock and also that soft tissue"

Which friends do you have?

I have met many of each,
they are all lessons
yes they did teach...

Friendship is a gift
when given makes
the present that more extra special,
so if you have a good friendship to offer
please find someone
in need
offer to that vessel.

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