Wednesday, 22 July 2015

I Write Because I can

I start this poem with no idea,
but to plan too much does not
mean the message will be clear,

Clear is what people are not,
as they wine about the same thing
like a baby in a cot.

Childless men,
tell you how to raise a man,
still boys going out trying to
get a round, lust lust lust,
so love means nothing if you
just looking for a FUCK...

Like Eminem
"I just don't give a fuck"
if you know me for a minute,
then wanna act like it was life,
when fate hands me my luck,
easy to sniff out a individual
who smells of distrust;

Trust a few,
maybe only two,
If you I got trust for,
than lucky for you.

A lot of people false feed,
reading false feeds,
millions of views to a THOT
or a stupid leak, 
knowing but not caring
that theirs thousands,
if not millions 
starving on the street;

Who cares?
not many,
tell a person your secrets,
with them,
make everyone
your enemy.

friends in the ends are rarely friends
to the end, go further out and you will
realize strangers do not pretend.

A world full of people,
a world I wish I could call real,
young children are the cattle for
the new world orders meal;

"Yum Yum,
teenagers in my tum,
stupid parents make it the
more easier for US to get my hunt"

"We put them on the game,
their parents parents got tamed,
when we look at them...
they are living the same,
the only thing we fear is 
the future generation,
the ones who are more likely
to make the change"

This will never be told,
as long they keep the sales
of sex, drugs, rock and roll,
not Love, hugs, hip hop and waltz.

My muse sounds angry,
but he a nice guy,
in truth most days he's happy,
why I love my muse,
because his favorite subject is reality,
words are his finisher and most will get

Mortal Kombat,
call me Noob Saibot,
shadow poet,
not seen,
get down and start the read
and you will know I am not
just smoke on a screen.    

"Life is like a game,
everyone gets played,
I'm the joy pad pushing
peoples buttons,
control them with ease,
even if the level hardens"

(Le "quoting me in mid poem" Hornet,
man that could be seen as arrogant,
but that's because most are copy cats,
they ain't saying shit, original from the
day I was in my mums pit)

I love this planet,
I feel part of the wrong generation,
even where I live,
clearly I am not part of this nation,

I would never chant,
a country of backward ideology
home of a national front;

so yes I turn my back,
this CUNTry is an act,
stole so much from this world
will never give back;

Take take take,
queen has a birthday,
she never shares her cake,
all she can do is share a wave...

Bye Bye
fact that these are random thoughts,
I know you will get tired,
so I will see you next write.

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