Saturday, 18 July 2015

My Girl Dont Bring Me Hell

If I had a quarter million,
would only be left with a quarter
even then would give that to you,
no matter, we will be whole,
remember you met me with holes
in my pockets.

The fact you cared I had nothing,
man when I make something,
automatically yours, 
your patience I do applaud;

Clap one time, 
because you never begged,
clap two times,
because you never let money be on your head,
clap three times,
for being strong regardless of my cheque,
man i gotta tell you, you're the best,
especially a girl who's living in the west.

Money Money Money,
will keep the average girl 
sweet like honey,
sour if you don't have it,
tell you "man go back home to mummy"

Assuming they want a real man,
with a financial plan,
who can have her a wife as long as
she's got the latest bag.

Thank god for you,
that you keep it true,
you women run in the few,
majority are slave to material,
so love has to say "Girl get a clue"

You are my bank,
both financial and Sperm,
deposit two children,
interest rate was high,
meaning I was highly interested,
so a 3rd could be in the options,
but only if you get that 1st;

Many men thirst for you,
you have many with dry mouth,
told them 
"you from north, man go back to the south"

You keep it loyal,
why you are royal,
most will squeeze
a next man between
their lust coil,
wearing the coil,
they do not need your
legacy, just a card 
with high credit
so she can get spoiled;

Rotten bitch,
so many women on earths tree,
look for one that's ripe,
there are so many to pick...

Pick the same poison apples,
complaining there bad,
when they leave you broke,
start acting mad, 
when you get your money flow
end up going back,
man you WAC.

Go Forward,
the topic of money on a
first date is awkward,
i'm asking to go half on
everything, may not get
a second date, because I
never paid for your order.

My lady went all out,
sometimes we stayed in, 
she would get the pizza 
with the chicken wings,
then play some video games,
and yes I got most of the wins,
but would have lost, if I lost you
to a woman who wanted only
shiny and pretty things.

I give you props,
because you need to know,
too much tell their girl
something to keep up the
bedroom flow,
not you, just some jokes,
a wrestling match,
tickle games, build up
through play, not a quick
ready steady and blow my load;

These days it cost loads to get
off them clothes, to do that one
must buy her new clothes,
high priced hoes
who want you at their feet
like pedicure and don't forget
to pay for her toes.

girls girls girls girls,
girls I do adore,
not the ones in it for my paper,
but one who loves my nature,
who loves my soul to the core.

So proud,
I will speak of you loud,
it is clear I am proud,
I rarely tell you unless
it's a poetic shout...

Shout you hardly do,
I have no deep reason
to shout at you, 
You are true,
thus I need you,
the fact you still
love me when my
figures are in two;

Not telling me 
"get two jobs"
so you can live like a queen
as I work like a slob...
any other girl would drop me
without a dime, I say forget her,
hornet aint got time for a THOT.  

I compare, 
because it is clear,
you never ever fronted
I also loved your rear
your rare a woman who
generally care,
no doubt you have made
the best of my years.

Only tell me do what you like,
feel hype, when i'm hyped,
like the fact that I try 
will keep trying for you,
until the day I fly.

Thank god
I got you girl,
clearly heaven sent,
my protector
you never
bring me hell.

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