Sunday, 5 July 2015

Paris with my love...

We get to the airport,
miscommunication with the booking,
I keep my calm as madam deals with the problem,
which lead to problems;

She got a row of bad luck
from morning,
but my relaxation is a reassurance,
as I am sure we are going to our destination,
it's destiny, I saw my lucky number 3,
so Ima kick back as the situation
will unfold,
which it did,
now we're on the go.

Up and away from London,
and get down with Paris.

We land, without a plan,
why plan, just enjoy the land,
so much so we went to the local bar,
looking like Bob Marley makes you feel
somewhat like a superstar;

We have a language barrier,
but reggae shares one language,
as he puts it on and makes me feel welcome,
conversation is more gestures
as I do a handstand outside his bar,
he says,
"do it again,
wait for my friend he's on the
wee wee"
I say
"oui oui"

Like a local celebrity,
as my wife is next to me,
we both bring eyes,
who are these guys,
hip couple in town,
we bring the jazz
type of down;

We are just travelling lovers,
looking for a different nest,
our hatchlings have got older,
we better do as much as now
before we get...
man we still keep it young,
my movement is far from stiff
she can still move her hips...

I don't mind to inspire in a moment
if you give one,
another will return
thats what happen
after the bar closed...

destined encounter

was down the road,
as we sway but my nose,
it was that familiar smell of a
green leaf burning,
that smell
the guy came from behind
gave me a taste of my curiosity;

what a host, so random,
the meeting was fate,
he spoke on what I had spoken earlier
with my madam,
but met him very late,
stars clearly put us together,
the way we were speaking is like
we had known each other forever.

Second DAyTE,

Love lock bridge,
lock my love with a padlock,
throw the key,
I already opened the door to her heart,
paris offers such reassurance,
so we lock our love;

On the same side,
another destined ride...

Ethiopian man with books, ever so wise,
beyond his shades could hear the stories with his eyes,
Highly Selassie he said,
gave me history lessons
a maths book,
this prophet was feeding me,
if not my seed,
he's got the number brain,
I got the word mind,
it's all the same,
when he's older
he can do my stock exchange.

from the Love lock to
the home of quasi-modo,
bells ringing,
wish I was swinging,
I got the clip of the movie
and that's how I like moving,
training agility, with such memory,
but I guess I will use the local parks
for such excitement,
maybe one day swing on that chime
let france know it's hornet time;

But we are on tourist time
tourist run this town,
so I need to run to the next spot,
but it's still hot, so we cool down,
get a beer, her a water,
some overpriced fries
chill in a park plot,
Eiffel tower she spots...

Long story short,
she saw it from a distance,
I said that would be a short walk,
we walk and walk,
it is clear we are lost,
but who cares we find new things
about each other on the walk,
making jokes who got who lost,
but look theres a off licence,
lets take another beer stop.

We eventually tap out
and tap in to the local metro,
man I still had stamina,
but it's not lovely to see your love,
in pain, but she done well to keep
in the walking game, others girls,
would be, lets get a taxi or shop,
but not once did she complain.

Finally got to the main attraction,
something about being their with
your main love doubles the attraction,
in the first moments it was just typical,
tourist reaction;

2nd floor, I look above
the city and paris I adore,
it's colour, it's structure,
and shared right next to my lover.

Now to go to the summit,
my queen, gets weak in the knees,
heights and frights, to distract me from
a fear I quoted
"Well better to be closer to what you want,
and all of us want to touch the sky"

We make it to the top,
she just speaks out loud her fear,
I feel to grab and kiss her,
so she can close her eyes and feel the air,
because it was doing my ear,
but I dare not say that then, I make her laugh,
messing around the high fence, closer I get,
she get's tense;

phobia is cool, she was still
next to me, I will be your knight,
but don't ask me to go on many
theme park rides, slow way
this is OK,
one way up,
one way down;

We leave the tower
head back to our town
for a late night wine and dine
we get a simple local raj style
and the meal was fine.

3rd DAyTE...

man I wake up early,
so I just sit back and lay,
whilst she sleeps,
answer some London peeps
as I question my previous dream?

So real, but it gave me a good feel,
last thing I heard as I rise was,
you have always been patient and calm,
because in the dream I saw visions 
of many wanting too or have already 
brought harm, they aint hear as I turn on
the right of my arm, she's my calm...

So when she awakes,
we chill, listen to some 70's jazz,
from Louis armstrong to Ray Charles
type of love songs; 

our sunday sermon was spoken
from a white tablet with a bitten apple,
"and the devil asked Jobs" 
Na just a poetic joke, R.I.P, 
don't do those type of pokes.

So after the morning we take a stroll,
where her mum use to live,
via love lock bridge;

Before her strip,
a man plays a piano in the middle of
the road, the song was warm, internal tear,
this piece got the attention of my ear,
as I sit and watch, time does not exist, I am in
his zone and although a big crowd alongside
my girlfriend, that exact moment I felt alone
in this classical tone...

After that reflection,
we walk across and see her mums
old ways and she had a beautiful gaze,
walking her mums road, trying to imagine
her past and the stories that were told.

We await for it to get night,
so we can see the Eiffel lights,
so we kill time, walking and talking,
whatever the place a confrontation can
happen in that space...

I think the drink
caught up
I was in a deep reflection,
saying multiple angers,
hurting her was not my intention, 
it is her I do not hate, my reality,
hits me in multiple dimensions... 
nothing more to mention... 

after my feud...

I can say the worst,
but still wanted her to have the best,
such a people pleaser, 
even in my anger I will make an effort
to heal ya.

eventually we get to the tower,
I am burned out of words,
we just share the gaze,
I look up and thank the sky
that I got too see this place,
it's my last night 
want to make it as special
as it is her birthday;

So without talk,
we just walk,
the wind was cool
and so was she,
I can tell that through her
energy, in my thoughts is
that we were meant to be,
this journey had to be shared
and who better than her,
she understands my worth...

It is because of you AMrememBER
I am not a pretender,
you have kept me real,
thus in turn kept it real,
far from superficial,
wanted a man with a heart,
not car deal,
so heres the deal,
when I make enough,
I will
take you around the world twice
like a ferris wheel,
and when the time comes at least
one 5 star restaurant meal,
the fact you could care less
as most women weigh paper,
you my dear have a heart of steel...

"The one that makes you whole
and feels that hole is clearly the one
for your soul and should stay together
until you both get old, retire in the physical
and start again the spiritual"

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