Sunday, 26 July 2015

Religion Whole Earth... Not Segmented Sectors.

I will not be on my knees,
begging for your mercy,
let's assume you made me
just so I can stand tall and be me.

No I am not atheist,
nor am I over religious,
I treat those who believe
the same and even follow
parts of each scriptures;

I fast with my
Muslims mans,
chant with the
Buddha brethren,
reason with my
kick it with my open minded
Hornet is sick of pictures,
trying to define the color of Christ,
seems like each creed is pulling a heist;

Banking the money,
taking from the poor
in a bad economy,
if god had a law book,
you would be sent down
for soul theft and perjury.

The power of belief works wonders
from the comfort of my home,
I need not go all out to a religious abode
and worship a man who sits upon a throne,
kneel before a man? a definite NO NO.

Your belief is not mine,
because when I speak
on my view,
you convince
me I'm blind;

To a entity
they cannot see,
but when I explain
my mind,
it sounds like I don't believe,
but most people in this
day and age
tend to deceive.

I see God in all,
seems most religions
tends to cover the devil,
keep people at a lower level,
forever questioning
not living...
but god don't want to see
his creation imperil.
I compare
planet Earth
planet Krypton;

advance in science,
except we're behind in religion,
god don't take those
who contradict the writings
unto the next mission;

Only those who walked the
journey through hellish times,
who dealt with demon minds,
will be granted acceptance,
as long as they recognize their faults
on a daily will truly be granted repentance.

Just insane to see,
different sectors fighting,
yet share the same belief,
such quarrels only exist
in man when he indulges in greed,
the lower trait, so I find it hard to
keep my head up when a pastor
goes on and preach, 
his words are empty 
so are his seats;

If his spirit was full
not trying to fool,
go fourth from your church
and take it direct to the people 
of the streets...

I see no need to battle
for the love of god,
if all chosen,
then we are all even,
so to fight would be odd,
and if we don't correct that
in these times then most are
going to burn in Iblisis pot
or for others feel Adams rod;

Me... Ima keep my cool with all
I dare judge not,
take the good from the books
live with heart until the day it stops.

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