Wednesday, 5 August 2015

2015 Love Muse Love Blues

Love in this time?
so easy to put love in a rhyme,
she is the opposite of war,
but it seems people of peace
die the more time.

In the 70's,
If you talk about love,
get a bullet for a hug;

In the 80's 
love became 
more out of lust, 
but that's because 
most loved the drugs.

In the 90's 
love became
not only from celebrates,
but the average couples 
were in the courts.

In the millennium,
it is up and down,
people settle not for one type,
the new wave is if you got around town;

Eventually that town will be
population zero, due to the degrees
of birth control, new rule, drain her out,
until they find a new hole...

Her space filled with much blockage,
fluid and emotional, 2015 love...
has no rules.

Seems women claim love
with controlling men,
act like it's real in their mind,
in the heart it is clearly pretend.

I love him,
I hate him,
love laughs at
your anger,
love says 
"you must still love 
if you constantly debate him"
hate got you cross wired 
so you gossip to your friends,
but I swear you're trying to forget him? 

Love than dump,
than take back the same rubbish,
trust in 2015 love can be treasured,
but mostly it's garbage.

I say congratulations,
seems like many get divorced 
before they send out invitations. 

I have someone to love,
how I know it's real,
it's been a 12 year hug,
not a 12 month fuck,
than see you later need
a new desire or night lust.

Not too say we are perfect,
but to get another girl now,
NA not even worth it,
these days women seem worthless;

Worth more as a high priced whore,
all women want Mel Gibson,
is to fill their closet door,
take them on a few bad dates,
they been through many bad mates,
they just want your card to the store.

I speak to women of the new age,
far from a bible page,
they have been written off for years and coming, 
not to cum with a poker face;

I don't play cards,
but if you think you are an ace,
women may get you bust like black jack
if you do not make her your queen of hearts.

Gamble in Lust all you want,
she only brings grief,
if you gamble too much a
S.T.I or S.T,D...

Not to say love does not exist,
but in 2015, it seems like a mystery,
I guess call me the love detective,
looking for clues like Dick Tracey.

"Love please come back,
you are needed now more than ever,
seems these days is just a sex act,
after that, people lose the facts...
complain love does not exist,
but the heart cares not for
unwanted feelings and if you
don't find the true one, will be left
with a dead feeling until the day you exit"


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