Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A Real Man

A real man,
does the dishes,
tag teams with his misses. 

A real man,
will take out the garbage, 
help my woman clean, 
I don't wanna be in the 
category of 
"Men are lazy asses"

A real man,
makes his woman
apart of his plan,
parents in the hood,
just know ghetto love
can be good, 

A real man,
makes a woman,
not breaks a woman,
not put her on stop,
and never lets her go,
in the making of love,
gives her a reassuring hold.

A real man,
makes a girl wet,
external as much as 
internal, let her release,
not trapped like a beast,
nor tame her like an animal;

Give her a stroke,
not just a poke,
in the course of creation,
the love has to be pro - replace
the R and the O and add N,
not the way to a climax with a
beautiful end.

A real man,
does not always talk,
he listens until all emotions
are clear, 
so a real man will
hear and then 
help her sort,
not keep telling her 
"don't worry baby,
it's going to be cool"

A real man,
teaches his girl
his world,
video games,
let her understand
his trail,
then walk her down the isle,
only ask a girl to marry you,
if she can walk a mile;

No lazy 
pretty woman,
active, academic,
if she's yours will
have no reason to call men.

A real man,
is never to serious,
brings laughs like
Eddie Murphy delirious,
laughter is the top of the
relationship pyramid.

A real man,
will take a woman on,
regardless of her baggage,
A real man,
does not see it as extra,
because she has children
or had a bad marriage. 

A real man,
leaves a legacy,
someone to continue
what he started,
may his name 
rest in life,
before he
rests in peace.

A real man,
takes care of his own,
never has an excuse to
want to leave home,
A real man never leaves a
woman alone,
A real man can't claim many
wives and allow her one bone.

A real man,
may not be what I
A real man really is,
someone who tells the
truth and not lie,
someone who is not 
afraid to cry,
and if a falling woman,
A real man will help you climb. 

A real man,
in 2015 is never really seen,
for A real man,
is never a girls dream,
A real man,
seems to be more a fantasy,
as A real man,
I hope for my daughters sake,
there's a change of perspective 
and rises a new reality.

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